10 ways to earn side income?

If you’re looking to make some extra money in your spare time, there are several ways to go about it—but not all of them will help you make the extra cash you need. You might be able to cobble together some extra bucks by babysitting or selling old items around your house, but if you’re serious about making a more significant extra income, try one of these ten ideas instead!

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1) Sell your stuff

Selling your stuff is one of those things people don’t want to think about—but if you want some side income, it can be a great way to go. You may already know that sites like eBay and Craigslist are popular places for selling everything from cars to collectibles, but did you know you can also sell certain items on Amazon? What’s more, you can even make money off old clothes (something younger relatives might call distressed clothing). Do a search for your own city; chances are, there will be several local buyers interested in picking up high-quality used clothing.

2) Get paid to be an assistant

It can be an incredible money-making opportunity if you know how to get started. Many businesses need assistance managing their social media presence and often will pay a small fee in exchange for help with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram. Businesses also need customer service assistance from time to time and are willing to pay for it if you can keep up with customer requests. Becoming an assistant is a great side business idea because it doesn’t require any upfront investment on your part. There are many companies that are willing and eager to hire someone who isn’t already doing work for another company. Social media consultants make money by charging either a flat rate per hour or by offering full-service packages at a set cost per month or per project (or some combination of both).

3) Copywriting – write for others

If you’re a good writer and want to make money writing, try some of these online freelance jobs. A few sites we like are: Copyblogger, Contena, Craigslist (local classifieds), and FlexJobs. You can also check out some freelance marketplaces like Upwork or Freelancer if you’d rather have clients contact you for jobs rather than search for them yourself. Also, don’t forget about trying your hand at a Youtube channel!

4) Freelance writing

If you’re an expert in a specific field, say travel or technology, there are people who will pay you for your knowledge and experience. This work takes a lot of time—it can be competitive and challenging. However, if you’re willing to put some sweat equity into it and take on some risk, there are significant rewards with freelance writing. (See also: 10 Businesses You Can Start With Under $100). 

5) eCommerce

If you’re looking for ways to make money on your own schedule, there are plenty of options out there. A lot of people think e-commerce is their best bet because they can go online anytime and be their own boss. Unfortunately, it’s tough to make a substantial income as an e-commerce site owner. According to Etsy, sellers on average earn $400 per year from their stores — not exactly a fortune! While you may have some expenses upfront, like paying for an expensive domain name or setting up an e-commerce platform like Shopify, you don’t need a ton of cash to get started. And if your business takes off, you can always take your storefront offline and run it from home or another location.

6) Affiliate marketing

Many affiliate programs offer free memberships, which gives you access to a large customer base who’s already interested in a particular area. You don’t have to create your own product, but there are many opportunities available if you choose to become an affiliate marketer. Also, see if any of your current or previous employers offer a referral bonus for introducing new customers—most do. But you can also promote products on sites like Craigslist and eBay as well as through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Here are some more tips for making money with affiliate marketing.

7) Affiliate marketing – review items

There are plenty of ways for beginners to make money online. One easy way that can earn you extra cash is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing involves promoting someone else’s products or services for a commission, which is paid by that company. There are several places where you can advertise your product, like on Facebook, Instagram, Craigslist and Pinterest; through Google search ads and banner ads; and within an email newsletter. (Another way of making money using affiliate marketing is providing insider information about a particular industry so others can benefit from your experience.) No matter what method you use to create an income stream, just remember that some sort of work goes into it—and usually more than you expect. But hey, it’s worth it if you want somebody else to help foot the bill!

8) Get on Upwork

If you have a skill that could be used by businesses, Upwork is an excellent resource. Businesses post jobs there and freelancers apply for them. The great thing about Upwork is it puts you directly in contact with hiring companies. In fact, if you get hired, there’s no middleman. You work directly with them. Not only will you get paid well, but you’ll also get invaluable experience working with actual clients. And once your profile is built up a bit, it shouldn’t be too hard to find more work on your own via word of mouth or through personal referrals from past clients.

9) Be a host on Airbnb

Using your spare bedroom as a way to earn extra cash is a great option for those with space (and more often than not, it will save you money on housing costs). Airbnb allows hosts to set their own rates and availability, so you have complete control over your side income. If it’s something you enjoy doing, then Airbnb is an excellent way of making some extra money. Just make sure that if you plan on renting out a room or apartment that is part of your primary residence, you are aware of all tenant rights and responsibilities and ensure that it complies with all zoning laws.

10) Invest!

One of the best ways to earn income on your own schedule is by investing. For most people, it’s too hard or simply not a realistic option to make a living from day trading. However, with proper education and tools, anyone can learn how to invest for their future. This can be as simple as opening an account and depositing money into stocks you think will grow over time; even if you don’t become Warren Buffett overnight, your investment is still growing—even if at a slow pace—and saving for retirement with interest is better than saving without it.

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