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1fichier is an excellent site where a user may upload a picture or any other data. All the above-mentioned 1fichier premium link generator sites are safe and secured. The 1fichier premium membership is paid with PayPal. The user gets a unique access code and can use it for generating any number of links. The user may also change his/her code every time.

Many corporate houses are seeking new CDN services that can improve their business prospects. Many companies offer CDN solutions to their customers for improving their online business activities. Now you don’t have to go anywhere and are just a few mouse clicks away to avail of the desired service. Many leading websites are offering various kinds of services to make your online business better and successful. They are offering free 1fichier premium link generator accounts for new users, so that new users may avail the desired services immediately.

Use these CDN services

There is no restriction on using these CDN services but the user must have permission from the owner of the website for uploading any kind of files. This kind of service is offered by some of the leading file hosters such as GeoCities, Dreamweaver, FileZilla, limo, etc. This is nothing but a server that offers you a virtual space for hosting your files and records data more safely.

You need to be a registered member at one of the leading file hosting websites to upload any kind of file. You can even purchase this premium account and use it for an unlimited number of uploads. You can either use the 1fichier premium link generator or a regular one. But, you should be aware of the fact that regular servers provide you the same service with or without the premium account and there is no difference.

To use the 1fichier premium link generator, you should always have a regular FTP account. The process is as simple as that. First of all, you need to sign up on the dedicated site. The next step is to click on the ‘My Account’ link from the main page. Here you will have to type out the details of your regular FTP account such as username, password, and FTP location.

Fills required to fill out the form

Now, you need to fill out the form that is available on the left pane. The required fields will be required such as username, password, and the FTP location. All these details are required because you will be uploading files on the web and you will therefore need to create accounts

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