3 Best work Time Clock apps for managers 2022

an accurate number working hours of your workers is essential to preserve the labor and come up with proportional pay. However, punching timecards of absent colleagues is still common practice. For that reason, using work time clock apps is surely a way to keep everything under control. 

Time clock applications have become an essential software implementation in every business. Not only does it help managing the work force, but it motivates the employees and increases the productivity which is always beneficial. 

With lots of similar applications, it might be hard for you to select one. For that reason, in this article we’ll talk about some of the finest time clock apps you should consider. Keep reading and find out more. 


Besides tracking the hours your employers put in, this work time clock application offers lots of other features to analyze their productivity and ease your managing process. 

This is done by categorizing websites in productive or distracting. With that, you can see what your employee spends most time in, and assess the situation better. However, different positions are using different websites. For that reason, you can group up the employees and arrange the categories correctly. 

Besides tracking their productivity through website information, you can download reports over long periods, improve the shifts better, integrate productivity timers and process the payments. 

Buddy Punch

Doing the payroll manually is usually prone to mistakes which causes headaches to you as a manager and increases the dissatisfaction to your employees. With that, not only it can be inaccurate, but it also takes time to fill the tracked information. 

Luckily, the Buddy Punch app does everything automatically. With lots of functions you can activate, you can ensure that tracking the hours of your employees is as accurate as possible. 

For example, you can restrict the area from where the worker can clock in. You can also allow clocking in from the IP address of your company, and limit the clocking only from the device you have at work. In addition, there is an option to clock in and out by taking a picture of themselves. 

To prevent errors in the payroll process, this Punch In and Out app can be integrated into the payment tool you are using. With that, you select the person, the hours are calculated by themselves and you pay withing a few clicks. 

This increases the satisfaction of your workers and motivates them to work further and earn more in the future. In addition, the spare hours are beneficial for you as a manager to focus on other important tasks. 


In case your business is working with remote employees, this work time clock app might be a great choice. While it monitors the employees and has lots of project management tools, this program lets you to track the hours of your workers wherever they are. 

Hubstaff comes with global positioning system that lets you see where your workers are at any time. This is especially beneficial for employees who are constantly moving since you can see how much of the time your employee is working, and how much is spent in traveling. 

Like the previous clocking applications, you can process the payments and come up with templates of the timesheets. However, even though it boosts the efficiency through the tracking process, if you are in need of various adjustable features, this app does not have plenty.

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