3 Reasons To Have a Landline for Your Home Office

Having the proper tools is essential for working from home successfully. Second to your computer, a phone is the most important item for a home office. Many people have ditched tradional landlines in favor of mobile phones, but that isn’t the best option if you work from home. Here are three reasons you should have a home phone in your office.

1. Cost

Being able to communicate with your clients is vital. Holding meetings virtually via your computer is a good way to stay connected with customers, but it doesn’t replace an old-fashioned phone call. You can use a cell phone to connect with your clients, but you may need to pay for a upgraded plan if you want to have unlimited minutes. A home phone may be more cost efficient because you never have to pay for more minutes.

A landline is also more cost-efficient because you can often bundle house phone services with your cable and Internet services. Look for a service provider with the best rates in your area.

2. Clarity

When you communicate with your customers on the phone, you need to be able to hear them clearly. You can’t run a good business if you are constantly dropping calls due to a poor cell signal or you can’t hear what your clients are saying. A home phone does not rely on a cell signal to work. You never have to worry about ways to boost your coverage so that people can hear you when you are talking. The sound on a landline is also clearer than it is on a mobile phone said there is less of a risk of miscommunication.

3. Availablity

A mobile phone is a great way to make yourself accessible to your customers so that they can reach you at any time of day. However, it can also make you too accessible to enjoy your personal life. If you use a landline in your office to communicate with customers during business hours, you can leave it behind when work hours are over. This gives you a better work/life balance so that you are not constantly fielding calls from your clients. You can simply allow your landline to ring in your office and respond to messages the next morning. Your family will appreciate the fact that you are not working at all hours of the day.

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Installing a home phone line is a great way to make your office more functional. Consider this practice for these three reasons.


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