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4 Reasons Why You Need a Wall-Hung Bathroom Vanity Today

A bathroom plays a vital role in every home. It is a place where you take care of yourself and remove most of the day’s stresses away. It can also be your private place of relaxation where you can enjoy a warm shower or a nice soak in the tub.

And because of the critical function it holds, bathrooms need to have the crucial elements that make them fully functional and aesthetic. Among these elements is a bathroom vanity.

When you shop vanities online, make sure the one you choose fits your bathroom perfectly, adding style and elegance to the room. And if there’s a type of vanity that can do both, it’s a wall-hung or a floating vanity – a vanity attached directly to your wall.

So, what makes a floating vanity more advantageous than other types?

A wall-hung vanity creates more space.

Since floating vanities are mounted directly to your wall, it frees up the space beneath and gives the illusion of a bigger bathroom. Moreover, they are not as large as other types of vanities. So, you can place it in narrow spaces, giving you more room to move about.

Another great thing about it is maximising space by using the available part under the vanity as an extra storage place.

It is easier to clean.

Just like other parts of your house, the bathroom needs constant cleaning, too. Thankfully, a wall-hung vanity won’t give you any trouble when it comes to cleaning in and around it. It doesn’t have any feet and stands directly on the floor, allowing you to easily clean any dirt or mop excess water in the space underneath.

It can be customised according to your height and preference.

Other types of bathroom vanities have a fixed size and shape. So, find a vanity with specific measurements to fit your bathroom. However, with a wall-hung vanity, you can choose the most suitable area to place it and customize its height appropriately. Then, you won’t face the trouble of crouching low to reach the sink or standing on tiptoes to see your face in the mirror.

It comes with added storage space.

Floating vanities not only give you a sink for washing and doing other stuff. It also comes with another essential element that bathrooms should have – storage space.

Unlike other vanities with only a sink and no storage features, floating vanities have drawers, shelves, or cupboards under the washbasin. These storage spaces can keep your toiletries, cleaning products, towels, and more. And it will help keep your bathroom neat.

It streamlines your sink.

Streamlining your bathroom is necessary if you love the modern, minimalist look. So choosing a wall hung vanity completes the look you like. 

A floating vanity is designed to have the least resistance to water and airflow. Thus, it helps you move smoothly and more efficiently in the bathroom. With it, you can use the sink better and more quickly, especially during busy mornings.

It can maximize the beauty of your bathroom.

A floating vanity is a sight for sore eyes. Its sleek beauty can even be the focal point in your bathroom. But more than this, having a wall-hung vanity allows you to showcase your bathroom’s beauty without blocking the beautiful tile work on the floor and walls. You can easily see the beauty and feel satisfied every time you walk inside your bathroom.

It can be a challenge to shop vanities online. But now that you know the benefits that come with choosing a floating vanity, you can rest assured that what you choose is a sound decision.

Yes, different types of vanities come with various advantages. So, make sure to research and find out everything about each vanity before deciding.  

Then, all you need to do is find the perfect place to get your bathroom vanity. While many online pages can provide you with your needs, their reliability and the quality of their products need to be confirmed first. Doing so will make you feel confident that what you’re getting is worth it.


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