5 Essential Kitchen Appliances and Accessories for Aspiring Home Cooks in 2021

When the pandemic struck last year, many people looked for new hobbies to keep themselves busy. Naturally, one of the most popular hobbies that many people turned to was cooking. From Dalgona coffee to cloud bread and everything in between, cooking in 2021 has evolved dramatically. 

With the recent trends in cooking, many homeowners want new and updated kitchenware products to elevate their cooking and baking experience. If you’re an aspiring home cook who wants to enhance your skills in the kitchen, here are the essential appliances and accessories you need to shop for.

Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

If there’s one appliance you need on your countertop, it’s a pressure cooker. This appliance allows you to cook your meals up to 30% faster than conventional appliances that steam, boil, or braise your food. In addition, it’s a versatile product that can be used for a variety of meals. As long as you know how to apply the correct pressure, you can saute or brown your food.

Another great thing about a pressure cooker is its size. In fact, you can cook a meal conveniently and effortlessly for family and friends with only this appliance.

Cookware Set

Perhaps the most basic of appliances to have in the kitchen is a cookware set. Depending on the set you buy, it can include the basics such as a frying pan, saute pan, and saucepan. 

This is one of the essential products because it gives you options. For example, if you want to cook different meals, you can use different pans simultaneously. What’s more, it’s perfect for people who live alone because it allows you to portion your meals easily. 

Digital Kitchen Scale

Gone are the days when you had to use multiple measuring cups and spoons to accurately measure your ingredients. With a kitchen scale, you can get the appropriate quantity of your ingredients easily and conveniently. As a result, you spend less time fussing over the right cups and more time enjoying the whole process of easy cooking and baking. 

Cutting Board Set

Without a cutting board set, you risk ruining not just your knives but, more importantly, your countertops as well. As such, a cutting board set is a definite must-have for your kitchen during food preparation.

Especially when you need to chop up several ingredients, having different cutting boards is handy to prevent cross-contamination between your food items. 

Immersion Blender

Another tool you should have in the kitchen is an immersion blender, also known as a hand blender or stick blender. It helps you make purees, smoothies, pasta sauces, and even dips. It’s a handheld tool, so you can control the blending speed and pressure so you can get a perfect consistency. 

With this handy tool available, you can explore different flavours and create multi-textured meals to enhance your cooking skills. It’s simple, convenient, and easy to use that even beginner cooks can use it.

The goal of these kitchenware products is to help you achieve more with less, thereby making the cooking and baking process less complicated and more convenient. When you have these essential appliances and accessories in your kitchen, you elevate your cooking experience but also make the whole process enjoyable. 

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