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5 Festivals of Ladakh in 2022 that Celebrate Life in the Valley

Wondering what is the best time to visit Leh Ladakh? Plan your trips around the festivals of Ladakh, that will bring you closer to the people and the culture and give you an inside look of life in the Valley. Ladakh is jam-packed with pristine locations and offers a plethora of reasons for you to love the majestic Ladakh. The beautiful mountains, scenic lakes and rare species of flora and fauna make Ladakh, the perfect destination for your next trip. What makes your journey to Ladakh even better, is if you get to join in on the amazing festivals celebrated in the land of high passes. Dance with the locals, sing your heart out and celebrate like you have never before as you get an insight on what the amazing festivals of Ladakh look like. Festivals are a great way to bring people together and you and your friends are in for a wonderful adventure. Get away from the city life as you find yourself in the land of majestic meadows, tall mountains and swift rivers. Here are five festivals of Leh Ladakh that you should plan your trip around in 2022, to celebrate the joyous life in the valley.


  • Phyang Tsedup Festival

Usually celebrated in July or August, Phyang Tsedup Festival worships the Buddhist deities and celebrates the victory of good over evil. Monks wearing unique costumes will perform traditional dances with such passion and enthusiasm, that you would feel the energy in the air. Join the monks as you witness the rich culture of the place. You would find this time is also ideal for bike trips to Ladakh and with the festival making the surroundings ten times brighter, this is the best time to visit Leh Ladakh. The place fills with excitement as the sound of the drums fill the air. 


  • Saka Dawa Festival

June is said to be the month when Buddha was born and received spiritual awakening. This holy festival celebrates Nirvana as prayers are offered and the air fills up with the aura of goodness and kindness. The chanting of the monks light up the monasteries and you get to experience peace and serenity like no other. The most amazing thing about this festival is that instead of killing animals and performing ritual sacrifices, the animals are set free. This shows kindness and we see how unnecessary the ritual sacrifices are to celebrate the deities.


  • Ladakh Festival

Held for an astounding 15 days, the Ladakh festival begins on the 1st of September. This amazing festival brings together the different cultures of Central Asia, Tibet and Ladakh. This unique blend of cultures is what makes Ladakh so special and you get to experience these first hand at this 15 days festival. Get ready for grand processions, multiple traditional dances, and regional sports because every day at the Ladakh Festival will offer something unique and exciting. Men and women dressed in chic clothing and school children singing and dancing has such a cheerful vibe. You will feel the excitement as you become a part of Ladakh with this Ladakh festival. Also, you can look for Ladakh Reviews if you are planning to visit Ladakh.


  • Yuru Kabgyat Festival

Also celebrated in the months of July or August is the Yuru Kabgyat festival in the Lamayuru monastery which is famously known as Yuru Gompa. The monastery lights up as the monks don different masks and perform ancient dances. This festival is said to ward off any evil and bring peace into our lives and it is the perfect way for you to get an inside look of Ladakh’s fascinating monasteries. The loud music fills the air of the monastery as the monks perform their ritual dances and bless with protection against all natural disasters and epidemics.


  • Sindhu Darshan

Celebrated from 1st to 3rd June in Shey Manila, the Sindhu Darshan festival celebrates the Indus river. People of different castes and religions from all over the country come to participate in this colorful festival. You would get to witness local dances from everywhere, as the whole country comes together on this joyous occasion and brings in the best of India to Leh Ladakh. People from different states bring water from their homeland to immerse it into the Sindhu River. From prayers to bonfires to dancing and sightseeing, the fun does not stop for a minute in these amazing three days.


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