5 keyboard apps that lets you type more colorful and personalize texts and emails

Keyboard apps are one of those things that you didn’t know you needed. But once you’ve discovered them, you can’t go back. Especially if you’re the type to “send all” on texts and emails.

We will take a look at five keyboard apps that will make your texts more personalized and vivid in this article.

 Find the right keyboard app for you (there are heaps of them).

If you spend lots of time messaging or writing emails, you’ll know how much of a chore it is to use the standard keyboard. Some people like to personalize their keyboards with special characters or even pictures. 

Typing on a keyboard has changed from what we use nowadays where even the letters change when we are using different apps. The new age keyboards are colorful apps that show different themes and pictures on every key.

There’s no denying that emojis are pretty fun to play with, but have you ever wanted something a little more personalized for your daily texts and emails?

If you’re one of them, try adding some of the following keyboard apps to your smartphone or tablet!

  1. Make your typing faster with Bangla Keyboard

The intuitive smart keyboard derives insights from understanding user behaviour and communication. By doing so, the algorithm learns how to gauge the context and intent of a given conversation. The Bengali Keyboard benefits from prediction analysis by including predictive texts, voice, emojis, and smart responses.

With real-time sticker suggestions and auto corrections, the Bangla keyboard App makes typing faster and more vibrant.

  1. Let your creative juices flow with Google Indic Keyboard

Assamese, Bengali, Malayalam, Odia, Punjabi, and 10 other Indian languages are supported by Google Indic Keyboard. Transliteration, handwriting, native input and Hinglish are the four modes of input for the app. With diversified typing ways, every language user will be able to express themselves fully through Google’s Indic keyboard.

  1. Proficient typing with SwiftKey

SwiftKey is one of the most popular keyboard apps due to the fact that it supports nearly 300 languages. Besides, what makes this app more unique, is its AI-powered features including a spellchecker, predictive analysis, autocorrect, a number row, typing through swiping and typing, and unlimited emoji and GIF to choose from. This app is also highly capable. SwiftKey is adapted to continuously learn from users tying style so they do not have to enter your most frequently used emojis and colloquialisms again.

  1. Vibrant Themes with Fleksy 

Fleksy is one such keyboard application that is saturated with colourful themes and emojis, that too without any cost.

It provides a superfast GIF sharing experience, more than two million themes in the store along with advanced typing features through gesture and swipe typing. Get your emojis and meme games right every time with Fleksy.

  1. Explore the vast range of emojis with Xplore

As the name suggests, the Xplore keyboard app truly does justice to what it claims. Users can explore a variety of GIFs, smart themes and cool stickers while typing faster and better. Xplore sports multilingual typing powered by AI features. Users can generate selfie stickers and share them while conversing. With predictive analysis, the keyboard offers fast typing with autocorrect and prediction of words and emojis.  


If you’re looking for a way to make personal texts and emails more opinionated, then pick up a keyboard app. Whether it’s a text messaging app or an email app, there are mobile keyboard apps out there that will give your messages an additional layer of personality. The best keyboard apps for Android devices are available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The world is becoming more and more digital. We exchange gifts and files faster than ever before. And yet, most people still don’t use their keyboards to the full potential of what they can do.  

The above discussed are the best personal keyboard apps that are available. These keyboards will indeed make texting and emailing more fun and personalized.

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