5 Marketing Strategies for Startups to Test Now

Get big fast. This idea puts a lot of pressure on every startup. Yet, the challenge of breaking through the startup stage and becoming a viable business keeps getting harder.

Having constrained resources, startup founders often have one shot to choose the right marketing strategy. You simply can’t afford to be unfocused. Here are five quick ways to reach the right audience and raise brand awareness for you to try. 

1. Social Media Matters 

Social media has proven to be a successful tool for startups. A recent survey shows that 8784 companies name social media as the most effective tool for attracting new customers. 

Using social media, startups can connect with customers across multiple platforms and build brand awareness. Getting first sales, launching promotions, and spreading the word about new releases is easier if you have an engaged community on relevant social media.

In addition to organic reach, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms allow businesses to target their ads to specific audiences. These ads can potentially draw high-quality traffic to your website and create hype around your new products, features, or services.

With a stronger social media presence, brand awareness grows. For the best effect, you should maintain a balance between engaging and sales-oriented posts on socials. It is also important to tailor each post specifically for each platform. Unlike Facebook, your Instagram account should feature visuals rather than long posts.

2. Programmatic Ads Extend Limits

Social media ads are the first step to putting your brand out there. Yet, you will eventually need to step up your advertising and overcome the limitations of social media ads to reach a wider audience.

Programmatic advertising allows you to reach audiences that don’t frequent social media. Advanced targeting options will help you show ads to the right people despite they use different websites, mobile apps, and connected TV. 

With today’s programmatic advertising platforms, startups can make their automated ad campaigns more granular and cost-effective. You won’t regret learning how to create a programmatic campaign on one of the advanced platforms. It’ll show you a way to showcase your brand on any available space on the web while paying only for valuable impressions.

3.  Content Will Always Be King 

Articles aren’t only for attracting leads from search engines in the long term. They can sometimes have an immediate effect. Don’t you think that no buzz can compare to the one created by a news headline? If your startup dares to do something unconventional, it could get featured on the top media even for free. 

Do you remember that mysterious potato chip brand that appeared on Target’s shelves in 2021 with the “Once you pop…that’s great!” slogan and sold out immediately? That was a smart move by Cards Against Humanity that put them on every newspaper and spiked their growth.

4. Outbound Marketing for Quick Wins

There will always be dozens of competing startups. The first who finds their product market fit, gets a huge advantage. Outbound marketing can help with that at the early stage. Reaching out directly to potential customers is a great way to get in front of them sooner than your competition. 

One of the popular outbound techniques is LinkedIn outreach. It can help you test your marketing message and schedule a couple of calls to get early feedback on your product. This face-to-face communication with people who represent your target audience can bring you a ton of insights.

5. Q&A Sites Encourage Dialogue

More and more people rely on forums like Quora and Reddit to find products and solutions that meet their needs. For instance, Quora covers over 500,000 topics. Your target audience is likely to be there, waiting for your answers to their most pressing questions. 

By engaging in conversations on question-and-answer websites and forums your team members take on roles of industry experts. The strategy is to address your target audience’s pain points, become an authority in the field, and then recommend your company’s product as a solution. 


If you want to balance your startup marketing efforts, try different techniques one by one and do what serves your current goals best. Don’t do too much:instead, focus your strategy on one channel and execute it well. 

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