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5 Mistakes to Avoid with Digital Marketing

Some business owners think digital marketing is a one-size-fits-all and it doesn’t matter which agency you engage, the results will be the same. Sadly, this is most definitely not the case and much like any other sector, there are winners and losers in the digital marketing arena and finding the right agency can be a challenge.

Here are a few common mistakes that you should try to avoid when looking for professional online marketing.

  1. Going for the first proposal – Digital marketing agencies work to a protocol; first they assess a potential client, then they put together a marketing proposal that details areas and strategies they would employ. If you say yes to the first proposal, you have zero to compare it with; sure, it might be good, but it could also be seriously lacking and that would be disastrous.
  2. Insufficient budget – Some people want the very best for the lowest possible price and we all know that this doesn’t work. The smart business owner understands that their marketing budget needs to be enough to accomplish the goals that were set. Talk to an award-winning agency like King Kong and they can give you a rough idea of what you need to be spending per month on your digital marketing.
  3. Putting all your eggs in one basket – Throwing all your digital advertising budget at one strategy is never a good idea; focusing too much on SEO while ignoring social media can lead to less than perfect results. A good digital marketing plan incorporates SEO, social media marketing, pay per click and outreach blogging (link-building) and the performance is constantly monitored by the agency, enabling tweaks depending on traffic.
  4. No keyword research – Good SEO must start with thorough keyword research and anyone who says different doesn’t have a firm grasp on the sector. Simply put, if you want to target specific search terms and phrases, you should choose the most popular, the terms consumers are actually using, rather than the ones you think they might be typing into Google’s search window. Click here for tips on creating a strong content marketing strategy.
  5. Zero follow up – You run a Google Ads campaign and are more than happy with the results; that doesn’t have to be the end of the story; indeed, you should already have several campaigns in the pipeline and when something doesn’t produce the right response, be creative. Learn from your mistakes, or better still, hire an agency that has a winning history.

Digital marketing is the key to success and in this performance-based sector, choosing an award-winning agency is the smart thing to do; every agency will tell you they are the best in the business, but it is results that stand out. Look at the agency’s client list, as this is an indication of their abilities and finding an agency with hands-on experience in your industry should ensure success.


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