5 Must-Have Chrome Extensions For Amazon Sellers To Achieve More Success

Take advantage of the world’s most popular browser and use its extensions to support your Amazon business. Keep reading to find out how!

Contrary to popular beliefs, Chrome – the most common browser on the Internet – offers far more than just a search engine. With multiple built-in tools available, Chrome has proven itself to be of great help, especially for Amazon businesses.

If you are an aspiring Amazon store owner and would like to have as many advantages as possible, let’s have a look at the most efficient Chrome extensions that guarantee top-notch performance for your brand.

What Is A Chrome Extension?


A Chrome extension is a software program, which is written in coding languages, be it CSS, JavaScript, or HTML. Once installed, such an extension can change certain features in a web browser, effectively curating it to fit the needs of users.

There are many reasons why Internet users favor extensions over fully established websites. In most cases, they allow intuitive control and speedy access to whatever you are trying to customize your web browser into. Some of them come with a price tag, but most extensions are free. Thus, it should be no surprise as to why there is a surge in the popularity of Chrome extensions.

Top 5 Essential Chrome Extensions For Amazon Sellers  


With more than 10000 subscriptions, SellerApp makes a name for itself by presenting the ins and outs of Amazon products and keyword research. Here, feel free to check out the sales potential of any products with updated BSR or follow the effectiveness of keywords used in ads.

That is not to mention the pricing and listing changes alerts, which give you instant insights into how the market is shifted. Furthermore, if you intend on using Amazon FBA, remember to track down the FBA fees provided!

On the downside, this extension costs at least $149 a month, which is not an affordable number for most Amazon businesses. It also comes with a limited trial of seven days and no free version, so make sure you consider your budget before diving into it. 



Pricing plays a crucial role in determining the attraction of your listings, as well as ensuring the profit of your store in the long run. This is when Keepa comes in handy. 

With a comprehensive record of existing prices, the extension grants you the opportunity to compare and contrast the price ranges of your competitors so that yours do not appear too low or too high.

Moreover, you can access a detailed pricing history chart, which notes all the drops and rises in a product’s price. This way, you can easily see the pattern and embrace yourself for any potential trends in the future.

Even better, you will be pleased to know that Keepa is free of charge, so you do not have to pay any extra fees.

Jungle Scout

This extension is more or less a household name among digital marketers due to its extensive pool of stats. Moreover, the platform is famous for its informative and up-to-date database, so no worries about exposing yourself to outdated, inapplicable knowledge.

Whether you want to do quick market research and find out which products to start selling, or you want to test out the search frequency of specific terms and phrases, Jungle Scout can handle it all.

Its live records are also helpful for your Amazon bidding, since the extension allows you to pick out the keywords that have the best results.

Another reason why you should try out this extension is its price. For only $97 per year, you can have unlimited access to what Jungle Scout has collected. This may seem like an expensive investment upfront, but the benefits of this extension for your business, in the long run, are not to be ignored.


When it comes to Amazon SEO, optimizing the ad copy is arguable among the top priorities. Well-written, highly informative blocks of texts help customers see the unique selling points of what your business has to offer. When shoppers are convinced of your merits, they are more inclined to make a purchase. So why not use Grammarly for this purpose? 

Available in two versions (free and premium), this extension scans through your copy and points out any room for improvement.

Whether it is a grammatical error, a lengthy sentence, or awkward word use, Grammarly will underline the parts needed for correction and help you polish the writing.

That being said, sometimes Grammarly can be a bit too rigid with its suggestions. If you want your ad copy to sound natural, make sure you know when to listen to the extension’s recommendations and when not to. 

Helium 10


Helium 10 comes with multiple features that promise to make your Amazon account management easier. However, the most outstanding trait of this extension is its ability to perform an Amazon competitor analysis. It enables users to collect keywords and ASIN of different stores, as well as the inventory.

What is more, Helium 10 filters and categorizes the reviews of your competitor’s product, giving you fresh insights into how your rivals are handling their orders. You can download these data sheets within a click and do whatever you want with such valuable observations.

And do you know what the best thing about this extension is? All of the basic features are available free of charge, which means you can garner the information without paying a single cent.


Exploiting these Chrome extensions is indeed helpful if you want to further improve the performance of your Amazon store. However, not everyone has enough time and effort to dig through these programs and learn about their features.

In that case, why not have a look at a reputable Amazon agency like Olifant Digital? Here, not only will you receive tailored advice on how to keep your brand up and running, but you will also see tangible results within days! 

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