5 new features of IOS 15 that will increase productivity

In this digital era, everything is accessible to you with one click. The information and latest happenings in the world can be known from your mobile. The unlimited resources on the internet, social media in the name of connecting with people can cause distractions if not used properly. They not only take away your attention but decrease creativity and make you less productive in the long run. With instant notifications from different apps, the urge to reply increases and your focus is no more on the work. This impacts your performance and severely affects your career growth and professional life. Apple is ready to launch its latest version of the IOS operating system, IOS 15, late this year. This version comes with a set of advanced features to reduce your distraction, increase productivity, and improve focus on your tasks etc. All the features required to live a productive life are included in this version. 

  1. Focus

 The iPhone has many features to make you stay connected. In this world full of distractions, focusing has become a considerable problem. Frequent notifications from your mobile increase your anxiety and lower down your productivity. The Focus feature is similar to the Do Not Disturb mode except that you can decide who can interrupt you according to the task you are doing. Customised settings can be created for each of your tasks and allow only a few sets of people and apps to notify you during work. Send replies instantly to the selected people and inform them about your status. You can also choose which home screen to display reducing the temptation to open Netflix or other time-consuming apps. Set a Focus and synchronise in all your devices and streamline your focus on the tasks to be completed.

  1. Safari

The Safari feature provides tab bars that take less space and are easily accessible at the bottom of the page to save your time and energy. Organise your tabs according to your comfort. You can switch between them in the tab overview quickly. The tab groups are synched in all devices to be accessed from anywhere. Customise your start page with a background image that motivates you to work, choose sections to display such as Share with You, Privacy Report etc. you can get the same Safari across all devices through synchronisation. Install web extensions of your choice and personalise your Safari on IOS devices. 

  1. FaceTime

The video meeting apps like Zoom, Skype etc have gained much popularity in recent times. Apple has come up with its version of the video meeting app using the FaceTime feature. The latest developments in this feature allow conducting video meetings even with non-IOS users. All you need is to generate a FaceTimelink and send invites to your colleagues. The Portrait mode blurs the background and focuses on the person by eliminating any distractions in the surroundings. How embarrassing it would be when your dog barking sounds interrupt your call in the virtual meetings? It is both distracting and annoying to others. The voice isolation mode highlights your voice by using machine learning, identifies the background noises and cancels them. Bring web pages, apps and other files into your calls by sharing your screen on FaceTime.   

  1. Notifications

The notifications from multiple apps take away your attention. The Notifications feature is upgraded with contact photos for people and larger-sized icons for apps. Don’t waste time reading every notification that pops out but never miss any important notification while you are involved in other tasks. You get a personalised summary of the notifications daily at the scheduled time of your choice. Mute any app or messaging thread that consumes your focus for a certain time. Also, you get a suggestion to mute the messaging thread that you are not engaged in. This helps you to filter out important threads from casual ones. Few notifications such as fraud alerts, warnings, reminders etc cannot be missed. These time-sensitive notifications are always delivered instantly 

  1. Health

All your tasks, goals and aspirations can be accomplished only if you have good health. Poor health not only weakens your body but decreases your brain activity and makes you less productive. Apple is the only mobile that comes with a feature that monitors heart rate and notifies you when something is not right. Many people have saved their lives by seeking medical attention immediately after receiving the alert from Apple’s health app feature. The app uses custom algorithms to evaluate your balance, strength and gait and notify you about the poor walking steadiness or risk of falling. It also suggests exercises to improve your walking steadiness. The trend analysis tells you about how your health is progressing over time.  Collect the heart rate, glucose levels, cycle tracking, lab results etc and share them with your important people. The app also suggests ways to improve your health to yield productivity. 

Malayalam Keyboard

Over 1.5 million users include the Malayalam keyboard app in their daily lives to text and converse with each other. The Malayalam Keyboard app has more than 500,000 stickers and GIFs that can be customised from your selfies. The app is free to use and contain amazing themes and fonts to beautify your chats. Share BigMojis to your loved ones by long pressing on any emoji. If you are involved in some other work and want to multi-task, speak your message and let the Manglish keyboard do the texting for you with the help of voice to text typing feature. Transform yourself into a comic sticker by Bobblehead function. Take your selfie and draft the text on the sticker. The English to Malayalam transliterator eases your effort in typing Malayalam text. Just type your message in English and it is displayed in Malayalam instantly.  The app is available for both Android and IOS devices. Get the Malayalam Keyboard apk from the website or Play Store or App Store.

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