5 Things Every Veterinary Practice Website Should Have

As a DVM professional providing medical services to our animal companions, you make sure that a great deal of care is given to each and every one of your animal patients. With the amount of attention you give your clients, the same should be said with the veterinary advertising and veterinarian marketing that you do to boost your business. We’ve listed  5 essential features to make sure that your website is on par with the level of service you provide. 

1.      Neat Landing Page with Calls to Action

You want to make sure that as soon as someone clicks on your page, they know exactly what kind of services are available to them and how they will be able to access it. Apart from simple photos of either your office and facilities or a beautiful photo of a friendly pet, it should be clear what kind of action you want your potential clients to take. 

Make it easy for them to book an appointment through an appointment app, a way to call your clinic or get into a 24/7 chat or video consultations, take advantage of special discounts or participate in a community event – skys the limit for all the possible things to turn a webpage visitor into an actual client visiting your clinic. 

2.   Client Reviews

There is a saying that customers know best. Including an option for furparents to add reviews on the quality of service they receive and allow them share their reviews on various social media platforms is also a free way to get organic recommendations to your client’s close networks.   

3.   Community Relevance

Even if the main goal of your website is to advertise your veterinary services and facility, don’t hesitate to share the spotlight in order to help bring attention to other animal rights or animal welfare organizations. You can even choose to partner with other animal-related businesses that do not compete with yours such as ASPCA approved kennels, shelters, groomers, and other services that benefit animals in your community.

Showing support to other businesses and advocates proves to your clients that you are dedicated to animal welfare and not just in profits. Being able to connect with other organizations not only generates goodwill that will lead to valuable relationships in the long run but also widens your scope to their clientele as well.

4.     Linking Social Media Content

People, being highly social animals tend to gravitate more towards more human interactions.  Highlighting employees, cross-posting social media contests, sharing pet photos and heartwarming interactions in your social media page helps build a community of trust. 

And with very little effort, you can mirror the organic relationships you have on those platforms by simply linking the posts you create or posts made on your social media pages as features on your website.

5.   Search Engine Visibility  

No matter how good your website is, it is necessary that you are seen. This means being at the first few pages when clients type in a query in Google or any other search engine. 

In order to have a higher ranking in search results, you will need to invest in improving your website’s organic reach through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or show up at the very top of search engine lists though sponsored Pay Per Click Advertisements.

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