5 Things You Should Not Skip in Sandakphu

Located at the border of India and Nepal, Sandakphu is a place that travel enthusiasts, especially backpackers, should not miss. Many websites state that Sandakphu is in West Bengal as the mountain range called Singalila is located in West Bengal that divides the mountain range of West Bengal and the Himalayan range. However, a district in Nepal called Ilam is situated in the western part of the Singalila ridge as the range it is part of originates from West Bengal, hence the confusion. Nevertheless, the scenic beauty of Sandakphu’s surrounding mountainous region is nothing short of being a travel destination for travel enthusiasts and those that want to explore the world in its real form. Sandakphu is the highest point of the Singalila Ridge and the highest point in West Bengal and also offers a great view of the surrounding mountains from its peak. One interesting fact about Sandakphu is that, from its summit, the four highest peaks in the world can be seen; they are – Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, and Makalu; a view of the entire range of Kangchenjunga can be observed from here. So, if you want to get a few days off to the pristine environment this time for a vacation, why not choose Sandakphu? Today, we will see five things out of the many things you should not miss while visiting Sandakphu. 


Tumling is a small village in the Nepal territory in the Sandakphu region. Although it is a small village and will not provide the most luxurious things for the tourist, it is specially meant to observe the pristine nature and a get-away to nature from all the hustle and bustle of city life. To get there, one needs to take a train from West Bengal and book a vehicle beforehand to avoid facing a vehicle shortage during holiday seasons. Once you get there, you are bound to forget your busy life for a while. 


How can one go to the peak of Sandakphu and forget Mount Everest? When the rays of the morning sun hit the highest point of the earth, it puts an everlasting picture in one’s mind. As the extended region of the Himalayan mountain range, the other peaks of Lhotse and Makalu, which are part of the Everest Family, can be observed from here along as well as Chamlang and the rest of the smaller mountains of the same range. 

Sandakphu Trek

When it comes to Sandakphu, trekking is a must as it offers the trekkers an amazing view of the entire Himalayan range and gets up close with the ecosystem of the region. The Sandakphu Trek is one of the most popular treks in India, also called the “Trekkers Wonderland”, and is on the bucket list of most people who love trekking and exploring nature first hand. While on a trekking expedition, there are lots to see during the Sandakphu Trek, including the entire Himalayan range and the other four highest peaks in the world. One can spend a night camping in the Singalila National Park as a part of the trekking package that the tourism department provides as an option. The Sandakphu Trek package provides a guide who will get you acquainted with flora and fauna of the place. The mountainous region gets filled with magnolia and primula flowers that give it a vibrant colour during the spring season. 


It is a small village in the lap of the mountainous region and is a perfect get-away for nature lovers. The forest nearby is filled with flowers such as magnolia and orchids, especially during the spring, and gives travellers a feeling of being one with nature. A pitched road to connect it with the rest of the villages and tourist spots has not been made yet due to the difficult terrain, so one needs to go there through trekking, which is worth it. One can take a hired vehicle to the nearby village called Rimbik and go trekking to Srikhola. A rocky stream along the village called “Khola” is a lovely place to relax and enjoy the cool water crashing the rocks. 


This small mountain may seem isolated from the rest of the world, but that is so because it gives a serene and calm feeling once you reach there. It is located at a higher altitude and tires up the trekkers once they reach the spot, but not to worry, as there are small restaurants that offer Chinese and Nepali dishes. A night halt is possible if you decide to do so, or you can choose to leave the very day as it has a motorable road connecting the other localities. 

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