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5 Types of Essential Clothing Emojis

Dressing up has always been exciting. Planning an outfit can either be fun or stressful, whether it’s just a day out with a significant other or attending a cousin’s wedding this weekend. Either way, putting on clothes can be a form of love and self-expression.

But while not everyone has a personal style, most people have the essentials in their wardrobe: a nice shirt, a good pair of pants, and a  smart casual or formal outfit for special occasions. The way one dresses is a way of showing yourself to the world. It’s also a stylish way to make a great first impression.

Everything is in emoji form, surely. Even clothing emojis! While you can’t dress up human emojis, you can still express yourself using clothing emojis. Though the clothes don’t match, it’s still fun to see these five types of essential clothing emojis!

  1.  Shirt Emoji

The shirt is the most common thing you can find in anyone’s closet. It comes in different colors, necklines, styles, and sizes. Some can be fitted, while others can be loose and oversized. It all depends on the person’s preference. But while you have different shirt options, there are two kinds of shirt emojis. Fashionistas did say buying the same shirt in different colors is ideal because you already know it fits. You just need to add your personal touch. 

The most common is the blue polo shirt with a stiff shoulder form. A more feminine version of the shirt emoji comes in a pink flowy shirt. Other variations of the emoji in other platforms are either the plain apple green shirt or a striped button-down shirt. The best way to use this emoji is when you are going out to shop and upgrade your wardrobe.

  1.  Jeans Emoji

The basic blue jeans were not supposed to be a part of the modern wardrobe. This rough clothing was usually worn by workers, farmers, and miners back in the early 20th century.  It wasn’t until German-born American businessman Levi Strauss introduced the jeans to the wider public.

The best thing about jeans is that you can pair them with anything, unlike the jeans emoji, which doesn’t have a lot of use. The jeans emoji is available on every platform, though one version stands out because of the folded pant legs. 

  1.  Dress Emoji

The perfect dress is not a myth. You can always find ways to make sure a dress can stand out even if it looks plain. By layering it with a cardigan, adding a belt, or pairing it with socks, you have already upgraded your simple dress.

The dress emoji is stylish enough to be worn. Though colors vary depending on the social media platform used, the styling almost remains the same. Some are sleeveless, while some appear to have extra skirt layers. Their similarities are the sweetheart neckline and a belt that complements the dress.

  1.  Sportswear emojis

Physical activities are excellent for the body. It promotes good health and longer life. Unfortunately, not everyone can play sports. Nor does everyone have access to nearby sporting facilities. 

You can always practice by yourself, of course. No need to get professional training for something you are passionate about (unless it’s the high road you want to take). But even though you don’t do many sports, you’re bound to have sportswear in your wardrobe. It can be basketball shorts you lounge around the house or the swimming trunks you use once a year. 

There are four kinds of sportswear emojis: the tank top emoji (possibly for a runner), a taekwondo uniform emoji, the one-piece swimsuit emoji, and basketball shorts emoji. There isn’t much use for these emojis, except when paired with their respective sports emojis. It’s great when you’re posting about the new sports you’ve been wanting to try for so long. You can also use these emojis if you wish to join the local team!

  1.  Cultural clothing emojis

It’s common knowledge that every country has its national costume. These clothes represent the country’s climate, economy, history, and culture. Each of these cultural clothing has a story to tell. Even the design has relevance to how the country grew to what it is today.

Two cultures are represented in the clothing emojis: the Japanese kimono and the Indian sari. These emojis celebrate the rich and colorful history of the respective countries. Both kimono emoji and sari emoji vary depending on the social media platform, but it still looks similar to their real-life counterparts.


Clothing is just as crucial as owning up to your style. Even then, you already succeeded by just keeping the style essentials. Everyone owns a shirt, pants, and a type of formal wear. It doesn’t matter if it’s not a lot of clothes. What matters is how you style these pieces

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