5 Ways to increase engagement by video marketing

Marketers are facing difficulties in capturing the attention of their customers. The major reason behind this is that people nowadays are more interested in watching videos. Their feeds are flooded with every kind of video content they like. As a result, it is getting difficult and challenging to praise a large number of people with so many options available to them. 

The primary task is to make your product look so appealing that the person who watches your video is forced to land on your website.  In today’s world, everyone is experimenting to do something new with the content of the advertisements. They are constantly trying to find out what they can offer to their customers in a fun and entertaining way to attract them to your products. 

Videos have always played an essential role in a person’s life. The visuals, the music, and the story we watch stay in our minds for years. This is called the magic of video.

The Power Of Video Marketing

Videos allow you to get connected with your audience on an emotional level. It makes your customers understand that your business serves the best and ultimately fulfills their needs. It also shows the real number of customers who are interested in purchasing your products with statistics.

Let us see what more video marketing can do to your business.

Follow this starter guide to make your first business video to get your business video ready.

  1. Video planning
  2. Publishing Platform
  3. Scripting                                
  4. Camera Usage
  5. Editing
  6. Video Publishing

Video Planning

The first and foremost step in making your business video is ‘planning’. Video planning includes every aspect. The first thing to do in this step is to know your target audience. The next step is to decide the budget you are willing to invest in the video. Once you know your target audience and the budget, you are good to go for the next step.

Publishing Platform

This is the most critical step. Deciding where to publish your video is crucial. For example, if you make a business video, you should know which online platform you want to publish your video. The selection of an online platform will largely depend on your target audience. Many publishing platforms are available, like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.


This is the next step where your creativity will work. Here you have to plan your content, keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of your target audience. The script is the hero of your video. 

If your content is catchy and your audience can connect to it, you are already halfway there. It should appeal to the audience and contain all the details you want your audience to know about your business.

Camera Usage

The next part is the real work when the shoot for your video starts. Keep your camera ready and start recording your videos with all the necessary props. Using high-quality equipment ensures that your videos are also of the best quality.  


After the recording is done, the next step for your business video is to edit the final video. Editing involves running through the whole video and then cutting it to the best clips. Many video marketers agree that editing is one of the most crucial parts of the video production process.

Video Publishing

Once you successfully created the video, the only this left to do is publishing your video on the selected platform. Before selecting a platform, you must do thorough research about which platform has the highest number of your target audience. 

Given below are some things to keep in mind while publishing your video.

– Use of proper hashtags.

– The title of the video should be catchy and not misleading

– Proper use of keywords

– The final point to remember is the video description. Keep it short.

The best way to increase customer engagement with videos-

Customer Engagement is the connection of customers and brand emotionally. Engaging customers is important for a business as it will keep your brand image at the top of your customer’s minds. It also adds value to their experience. 

The more engaged your customers are, the longer they are going to stay loyal to your business. That is why customer engagement is necessary, as it can help your business grow and generate new customers. The prime aim of video marketing is to engage your customers and increase your sales. We have summed up a few ways by which you can increase engagement through video marketing.

1. Storytelling

Nowadays, storytelling is not just a means of entertainment. It is used as an important marketing tool. People easily connect with stories, which drives them to rely on a particular brand. Many brands practice this by creating a character that becomes the face of the business. 

The storyline for the brand will revolve around the journey of characters facing the same problems and living the same life as your target audience. This will ultimately help your audience to connect with your video.

2. How to use videos

As a businessman, your sole motive should not be converting leads but also engaging your potential customers. You can do this by not merely selling your product. Instead, you must also think about the existing and prospective customers as many people are unaware of how to use a product even after buying it. 

So, creating how-to, educational, and explainer videos can attract a new audience to buy your product and learn more features about the product.

3. Giveaway Videos 

Who doesn’t like free gifts and goodies? Giveaway videos are another smart technique to keep your audience engaged and remind them about your business. So, giveaways are 100% free gifts that are given to your existing customers or your target audience to keep them excited. They are basically free with a few conditions. 

These conditions can be anything like: Sharing a picture of the customer using the product, using your product’s name as hashtags, etc. This is a give and takes technique where you get your customer’s attention, and they get free prizes. 

4. Explainer, Testimonials, and Feedback Videos

What more will a person trust other than another person sharing a good experience about a product? A very good example of this is: When you shop on Myntra, the first thing you check is the reviews and ratings of that product, and then you make up your mind on buying. 

This simply shows how the reviews and feedback do wonders to your decision-making. Make videos including your regular customers sharing their experiences about the product. Along with that, you can use animated explainer videos on your website to attract more customers. This is because animated videos can be made extremely unique and catchy.

5. Keep The Hook Catchy

A hook in videos is something that grabs the attention of your audience and compels them to move forward with the video. In simple words, a hook is the “Showstopper” of your video that creates an aura for your audience to fall in love with it. The hook happens in the first few seconds of the video. 

It is the beginning of the video that grabs your audience’s attention. So be sure to keep it as catchy as possible. A gripping hook can make all the difference in your videos’ success and make you stand out.  You must always remember to create a successful video: whatever you do, the video should be fascinating enough to keep the viewers hooked


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