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6 Best Blinds For Insulation During Winter Season

Window blinds are more than just for decor and home aesthetics. While they contribute significantly to the house’s overall look, they have much more practical uses. During winters, the right window blinds will decide whether you shiver to your bones or relax in a warm cosy home.

Glass doors and windows are great for natural light and home decor. However, you also lose 50 per cent of heat inside our homes through windows and doors. It not only makes your home chilly but also brings up your power bill significantly. 

Blinds are handy in such times as they can considerably reduce heat loss in the winter months. However, not all window blinds are suitable for heat retention. Before choosing your window shades, you must understand the features and functions of different styles and fabrics that play a significant role in home insulation.

 If you want to prevent heat loss, here are your top choices for the best window blinds to keep you warm and toasty in your home.

6 Best Window Blinds for Winter

Honeycomb Blinds:

This window blind has a cellular structure that resembles a honeycomb when looked at from the side. That’s how it gets the name. Honeycomb blinds are also known as cellular shades or blinds in the market, and it one of the top choices for home insulation among homeowners.

The honeycomb cells create an air pocket that acts as a seal between the window glass and the heat inside your home, preventing it from going out. Honeycomb blinds come in different sizes, levels of transparency, and opacity. 

Block-Out Blinds:

These blinds are mainly designed to prevent heat loss in homes. Roman blinds or roller blinds are perfect examples of block-out blinds fitted with heat-regulating fabric for optimum insulation. 

These are single pieces of fabric hung from a rod. You can use a cord to roll it up or bring it down. Some block-out blinds are also fitted with a motor or rechargeable battery and can be controlled wirelessly using a remote. Block-out blinds are perfect for keeping the heat in during winters. Just pull them down complete at sunset and stay toasty warm inside your home.

Venetian Blinds:

These window blind is timeless and has been in use for centuries for their classy and elegant looks. Venetian blinds for windows instantly add a touch of sophistication to the room’s overall look. However, visual appeal is not the only feature of this window shade.

Not all rooms in our home need the same type of heat insulation. For example, kitchens and bathrooms are naturally more warm and humid than the other rooms in a house. Venetian blinds for windows are perfect for such spaces. The blinds comprise vertical slats of wood, timber, tin, or fabric set angularly on each other.

You can lift the slats using a cord and control the amount of light and heat you need in the room. Venetian blinds are easy to maintain and can be easily cleaned using a duster or a cloth now and then.

Solar Shades:

As the name suggests, these window blinds are designed and manufactured exclusively to prevent heat loss in homes. Solar shades are made of sheer materials that can absorb the heat while blocking the UV rays of direct sunlight.

Solar shades are primarily used in sunrooms and are excellent for winter months. These blinds are sustainable, energy-efficient, and can lower the power bills significantly.

Roman Blinds:

A popular choice among homeowners, Roman blinds prevent heat loss and can be customized easily according to individual preferences. Roman blinds are made from fabric and can be made in any size, colour, or pattern. So, you can easily choose a quality heat-absorbing fabric and use it in your customized roman blinds. 

Roman blinds can be a single sheet of fabric that rolls up or down or into neat, clean folds to sit flat without taking up too much space.

Panel Glides:

Last but not least, panel glides are best suited for covering folding doors or large windows. As the name suggests, these window blinds comprise panels made of fabric and have a modern and contemporary appeal.

When pulled aside, the flat panels slide behind one another, taking up as little space as possible. These flat panels can be made of heat-retaining fabric and are perfect for winters. Panel glides are available in various colours, textures, and patterns.

With these window blinds, winter does not have to be a dreary cold month. So, feel your home’s warm embrace and reduce energy consumption by investing in quality window shades


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