6 Tips for Effective Business Card Printing

For every business, especially mini budget startups, business cards are a significant and effective way to connect with potential customers. Therefore, if you are planning to start a small business, you need to be careful about business card printing. From concept to sale, everything has to be perfect. A boring card doesn’t make a good first impression. 

Contact details aren’t the only thing that make a business card great. A professionally-designed card is one that helps you look professional, build loyalty and, most importantly, set you apart from the crowd. 

However, before handing out business cards to strangers, make sure: Do your business card look good and professional? What sets your business card apart? How can it help you generate leads? The answer to all these questions depends on how you enter your basic business information and display it on your card. 

In this blog post, we want to share the rules that you should apply to your business when designing business cards.

Tips for Effective Business Card Printing

Are you ready to explore tips that can help you create lead generating business cards? Let’s get started.

Select a Perfect Template

Business cards are a branding element that reflects your brand, so you need to ensure that your business card is perfectly portraying your brand’s personality. This is something you should look for until you find a template that fits the nature of your business. 

For example, freelance designers, offering a variety of design services, should design business cards that inspire creativity and help clients impress and reach their target audience. But if you’re not sure about freelancers, contact a professional business card printing service provider for pre-designed ideas.

Choose Fonts Wisely

If you already have a business site or other marketing collateral (including brochure, letterhead, menu, etc.), use the same design guide for consistency. This increases brand awareness and makes it easier for people to remember your brand. 

However, if you are using business cards to promote your product or service, find and choose an easy-to-read font. Also, make sure the font size is at least 8 points and no more than 11 points. This is a standard format that gives your cards a professional and elegant look.

Pick Trendy Shape

Since it is the most popular and safest style, most companies have rectangular shaped business cards. If you want to introduce something new, you can make the paper round or square, round the corners or add detail vertically to the rectangular paper. 

In short, many options await you. Choose the one that best identifies your brand. Regardless of the format, you need to ensure that the amount of information displayed on paper can easily fit into a particular format. 

If you end up with a card that has too many details, all your efforts will get wasted. Therefore, it is recommended to consult with a business card printing and design expert, who guides you in the right direction.

Add All Necessary Information

A business card is not something that you should take lightly. It should be your part of branding and design in a way that tells people everything about your brand in a concise way. 

Business cards should include your name, phone number, contact name, and anything else related to your business. When someone looks at your card, he or she shouldn’t say “this or that information is missing.” 

Everything from your company name or email address to your office address, website links, and social media links should be clearly visible on your business card so people can reach you when they look at your business card. Besides, make sure that all information is clearly displayed.

Use Both Sides of Card

Another important aspect of business card printing is that most startups leave one side of their business cards blank, which is a big mistake. According to experts, both sides should be used for best results. 

Show off your skills by displaying summons, loyalty stamps, and art previews on the back. For example, if you run a fast food restaurant, add some weird detail to your exclusive offer. Basically, make sure everything you write on the back of your card is relevant and has a positive impact on your audience.

Don’t Forget to Add Branding Elements

As mentioned above, business cards should not be limited to business details. They are much more than that. Your business card should represent your brand and encourage people to comment on your business. 

So, when designing business cards for your business, you should consider the logos and colors used in your marketing campaigns. Therefore, the logo on the business card should be highly prominent. 

We recommend using only one side of the card for your logo to imprint your brand in the minds of your customers. This allows customers to recall your brand at a glance, even if they forget your company name.

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