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7 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Sneakers For Women

What makes a woman feel confident? The list is long, but surely a comfortable pair of sneakers is on the top. Today, when we are open to an innumerable number of sneakers for women with a variety of colours and designs, here is a guideline for you to choose the perfect pair to rock your walk.

  1. Science behind comfort We all know the importance of comfort when it comes to sneakers for women, but there are several aspects we need to consider. The ankle-length needs to be appropriate so it does not hurt the Achilles tendon. Cushioning is the king, and the amount of shock absorption differs from person to person. The airbox needs to be appropriate considering your activity. Toe-box should not be neglected and the tip must have at least half an inch of space to breathe. The insole, midsole and outsole need to be considered, which certainly affects speed, durability and motion control. The tongue should be of an efficient size to cover your foot securely, including the distance between eyelets.
  2. Beauty of the right fit – Once you know the science behind comfort, you can evaluate the fit. Measuring the ankle arch, ankle length, foot length and width, should be done at least once a year. Walking around the store confirming the fit and comfort of your sneakers is necessary for assurance. A right fit allows you to smoothen your walk, which helps for the betterment of your posture and keeps up your energy level.
  3. Reach heights with heels – There is a variety of heels in sneakers for women. Some prefer taller ones and some shorter, to each its own. As mentioned in the previous point, you need to seek comfort in your respective choice. If you are someone who has never tried heels, sneakers are the best start for you. The height of heels makes a major difference, not only in appearance but also in performance. Choose a considerable length that adds to your persona.
  4. Multitasking queen – Be it a quick run or a brunch date, your sneakers should be convenient for both. Choose a sneaker that does justice to your health as well as moments of amusement. Be bold and confident while wearing the chic pairs of sneakers that add up to your outfit as well. Do it all with one pair of sneakers being the ultimate multitasking queen for you. A weightless pair will be the cherry on the top to help you carry out all the tasks effortlessly.
  5. Colour it up – Plain sneakers are classy indeed, but adding a pop of colour will add to their personality. If you are someone who loves to stand out, then Puma has a range of colourful sneakers to lift your mood. The right colour of sneakers can make a dull outfit attractive immediately. If you are someone who likes to repeat, then go for a modest shade that is neutral to the eyes yet gives a solitary taste.
  6. Life is tough and so should be your sneakers – In today’s time, when the world is going through an intense phase, we have been affected in some way or another. In such rough times, you need a tough pair of sneakers to keep you motivated. Your sneakers are not only footwear but also have a story to tell. Why not tell it adventurously? Let the long run make you fall, let the dirt lay upon your sneakers, and push yourself hard enough for the last five push-ups in the gym. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself, as well as your sneakers.
  7. Style the diva in you – The trends will come and go, but the diva in you will always have a unique approach towards life which you can explore by trying new sneakers in different styles. With all the options available in sneakers for women, incline towards new while being YOU. Embrace the newness and explore the unknown. Sneakers look good with tights and a sports bra, but the beauty is that they also uplift the floral prints, a little black dress and the bossy blazers. Name an outfit and sneakers will do justice to it.  Style the Diva in you with some trendy outfits or evergreen ones and get ready to receive a lot of compliments. 

Now, when you know about the science behind the comfort, the beauty of the right fit, the importance of heels, the multitasking quality, the significance of colour, toughness and ways of styling sneakers, you can make a better decision. It’s smart to know about the details of the things you put your money on. Next time you walk into the store to buy a pair of sneakers, you will be more confident and quicker. Go get a new sneaker now and brag about its qualities because, why not?




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