8 ways nurses can enhance their skills to give better patient care

Clinical settings are changing rapidly, and nurses should improve their insights to keep up with this ever-evolving industry. Experts are already emphasizing the need for modern-day nurses to maintain their competency and acquire the requisite qualities for treating patients more effectively. But how can a nurse become a better caregiver and treat patients more effectively?

We have mentioned some tips below to help you achieve this very objective. Read these suggestions carefully and enhance your skills.

Aspiring nurses join the health industry to become qualified enough to help people in all health-related aspects. Several studies have shown that patients trust nurses more than they trust physicians. It means that nurses can sometimes notice something others have missed. So, improving yourself professionally can improve your caregiving endeavors and help you achieve your career goals, e.g., becoming a nurse leader or setting up your private practice after getting the required credentials.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into the topic. Here’s how modern-day nurses can bolster their acumen to treat patients efficiently:

The foremost thing a nurse should do is to seek knowledge continuously. By continuing your education and enhancing your learning, you can become familiar with the latest caregiving techniques and upgrade your skills, thereby becoming an asset to your organization, particularly the healthcare sector as a whole.

For instance, Registered Nurses (RNs) can easily pursue a master’s degree to become Nurse Practitioners (NPs). Study the NP curriculum to learn which subjects are included in the nursing program. Your MSN can take two to four years, after which you can become a nursing practitioner to gain more authority and better earnings. 

  • Join nursing organizations

The next thing you should do is to quickly join a nursing organization. These organizations can help you access academic resources to enhance your skills. 

Moreover, these organizations offer many networking opportunities to beginners in nursing. Some of these organizations include the National League for Nursing (NLN) and the American Board of Nursing Specialties (ABNS). 

  • Attend informative seminars

Connect with like-minded individuals and expand your network. Remember that networking skills are crucial for honing your skills and becoming better at what you do. So, you can network with colleagues and seniors by attending informative seminars.

Since COVID-19, these seminars have also switched to digital platforms. So, you can attend Zoom-based seminars and listen to speakers revealing the secrets of effective nursing. They can help you learn new skills to treat your patients better and handle difficult patients.

You can leverage the internet for other means of information as well. For instance, search “safe patient handling,” and you can find several informative articles and YouTube videos on the subject.

  • Subscribe to medical magazines

Several medical magazines can help you learn about what’s new in the world of nursing. You can find many amazing academic and non-academic resources for your skill-building endeavors. Subscribe to these magazines or read the ones where nursing-related articles are published for public viewing. 

Keep honing your education, therefore, and find better methods to enhance your know-how. So, RNs can subscribe to Nursing Times, Nursing in Practice, and American Nursing Today, for instance.

  • Obtain nursing certificates

Registered Nurses shouldn’t ignore this important method of enhancing their skills. Gaining any of these nursing certificates mentioned above can help you learn new abilities regarding nursing practice:

  • Adult Nurse Practitioner
  • Progressive Care Nursing
  • Certified Emergency Nurse
  • Critical Care Registered Nurse
  • Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Just as you finished your master’s degree online, you can pursue these certificates digitally too. Bolster your credentials by getting these credentials remotely, and you can learn certain skills most of your colleagues’ lack. Hone your skill set and make yourself a more productive Registered Nurse.

  • Seek mentor opportunities

Never underestimate the importance of mentorship, no matter what’s your profession. Mentors help you become familiar with proper nursing practices in the industry. They can help you accelerate your learning process after joining the health industry. Your mentor can teach you everything you need to know to perform your duties and serve your patients.

So, find some seniors willing to show you around the hospital. By learning under the mentorship of these experienced healthcare professionals, you can rapidly pick up the skills indispensable for surviving the complex world of nursing.

  • Learn about modern trends

Certain trends have become widespread in nursing today, and healthcare practitioners should become more familiar with them to enhance efficiency. You must hone your familiarity with these trends to enhance your patient-caring skills rapidly. For instance, telehealth and telemedicine have now ceased to serve as mere industry buzzwords. Instead, these are becoming the future of modern nursing.

You can easily learn about these trends by reading online articles about what’s happening in medical science today. Some of these tech-inspired trends include digitizing patients’ records, the health industry reaching patients via social media, and using wearables to track their health. So, these trends have made patient empowerment another emerging trend in nursing. And learning more about them can make Registered Nurses better at healing patients.

  • Read as much as you can

Lastly, you can find an amazing collection of important books online to enhance your knowledge about this field. Read them, study as much as possible, and learn vital skills for treating and interacting with your patients more effectively.

Nurses like you have written these books so reading them is akin to finding mentors. For example, almost every nursing teacher would recommend the famous manuscript by Florence Nightingale, Notes on Nursing, which is especially helpful for beginners in nursing.


Many nurses are confused about how to enhance their skills. What are the resources to utilize while trying to bolster your nursing acumen? Well, this article can show you some ways.

Advance your learning by gaining a master’s degree. Continue learning by reading books, leveraging e-material, and attending relevant conferences. Make someone your mentor to improve your experience and learn first-rate knowledge regarding proper nursing practices. Keep up with the latest trends in the industry, join relevant organizations, and read nursing magazines to make yourself more efficient.

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