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If you are a fan of Hindi and reproduce movies in high definition format then it is time for you to check out the new release of 9x Movies on DVD. This is one of the most authentic Bollywood movies that is full of amazing graphics, songs, and special effects. There are several characters that are featured in this movie and that increases its charm. This is one of the best-selling movies of all times and surely something that every fan of Hindi movies should own.

Role Of Bollywood

The Hindi film industry has given us some great movies. The releases have always been amazing and with the release of this movie, it will surely be the icing on the cake. You can now experience the same emotions and feelings that you would get when watching a movie. The special effects and the songs are enough to make you feel like you are part of the action.

The plot of the movie is about an orphan who moves to a new city and hence becomes a celebrity overnight. People take notice of him and he soon starts to attract a crowd. He embarks on a charmed life and becomes the talk of the town. However, there are two sides to every coin and deceit and betrayal are in store for the orphan. This is what makes the entire movie a classy one that every true fan of Hindi movies should see.

This movie has received warm welcome by both critics and fans. Many critics have lauded the movie and have commended the picture’s various aspects. It is a classy movie that takes you to another world. It is a perfect example of good cinema.

This movie has a number of striking scenes that will leave you spell bound. The story is extremely gripping and the acting is great. The music is subtle and mellow. No doubt, people who have heard it before will not mind the change. The movie has a superb plot and an equally good story. The movie’s release has triggered strong discussions among the movie watchers.

Box-Office Hit Movies

So many names have been attached with the project that it is difficult to give a proper review. But, the movie is surely going to be a box-office hit. It will be a big surprise if it does well. Some people are doubting the chances of a Hindi movie doing well in the US and even in the whole world. But, 9x movies have proved that they can strike just as well as any other type of movie. Even if it loses a few in the first week or so, it will recover its position in the next few weeks.

The film has been set to release on October 3rd. So, it is expected to hit the theaters around then. Most of the reviews have indicated that the film is going to be a huge success. The trailer of the movie has also given the viewers a nice sneak peek.

Aakash Anushirya, who is the director, seems to be the right man in the all round movie. His expertise in the realm of film directing is really coming through. The story, music, and acting is top notch. So, we can be sure that the movie will do well. Many Bollywood movie releases do not last long in the US and the audience for this movie is going to be big too. With the right choice of casting, Aakash should be able to make a huge name for himself in the industry.

Classical Stories

Since the movie is a remake, we can expect the classic story line, the magic, and all that. But, we should not forget about the fresh new look of the plot. With Aakash’s experience as a director, we are looking at a brilliant movie release. With great acting, songs and music, ninex movies are sure to be another hit in the near future.

People can wait a little while for the movie release date to be set, but we can be sure that fans will eagerly wait for the movie when it does finally come out in the US or UK. We will see more Michael Jackson in action in the near future too. This movie will be a real hit. Some other movies that have been released recently are, Avatar, X-Men, and The Lord of the Rings.

Final Thoughts;

The main characters in these movies have become very popular too. So, we can expect great things for Michael Jackson in the future too. If you want to see the new movies, then the internet has all the information that you need. It is a great place to find out about new movies.

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