A Guide to Having Better Conversations

The conversation has evolved a lot. Now, we see a shift from talking face to face to text-based conversations. Many texts are a lot shorter than a lengthy conversation. 

This creates tension when you want to convey something that is complex or needs time to be explained. I’ve been in situations where the other person gave the impression that they could not wait for me to finish because it took time, and they needed me to get to the point. In many cases, you end up feeling like you’re not getting through while you struggle to explain your point of view. 

The good thing is, there are ways you can overcome this while making sure that you get your point across effectively.

There are many ways to have a better conversation. In this post we’ll discuss ten ways that you can improve all of your conversations and specifically, we’ll be discussing digital interactions.

 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation will help you get over these obstacles and improve your communication skills in the process.

  1. Having a spell checker on a keyboard: Lots of people have weird habits – we often misspell words, use abbreviations or misread something because our brains aren’t really set up to get it. When chatting with people online, it’s important to use proper grammar and spelling. But what you don’t realize is that misspelling the exact right word can ruin your entire conversation. One easy way to get better at conversation is to add a spell checker to your keyboard. With this Marathi keyboard that includes an in-built spell checker, it will alert you when you’re spelling something out too much or not using enough hyphens or dots at the end of words. This can help you improve your communication skills dramatically. 
  2. Ending a conversation too soon: Have you ever had a conversation that went well, but ended before it was fully formed? It could be that you were nervous, or simply lacking in certain aspects of the conversation. Chances are, these are symptoms of an inefficient conversation rate. The good news is the cure for bad conversation is more efficient delivery. Learning how to open up and improve conversations can actually increase your productivity within a team or company. An added feature of this Marathi keyboard App is, it can suggest words and phrases through predictive analysis. It reads and understands the pattern of communication and suggests ways to improve your conversational tone with precise suggestions to get the talk going.
  3. Spacing out your words: Spacing out your words is a great way to make yourself more memorable and less boring to talk to. When you overuse a phrase or sound byte, your readers will subconsciously interpret it as a lack of consideration and will once again resort to their previous knowledge of you to form an opinion of you. If you want to make a lasting impression, avoid overusing key phrases.
  4.  Keep it short and sweet: People like to talk – and lots of us are guilty of starting long conversations that end up being more like talkathon sessions. Context and environment play a big part in this. If something can be conveyed using short sentences and sweet phrasing then try not to complicate the conversation unnecessarily because simple is in vogue.
  5. Break up your text into readable chunks: A really good conversation doesn’t have you stuttering and bickering. It doesn’t require you to yell at each other or be silent. Break up your boring, repetitive text and replace it with something that will make you seem more approachable and engaged. 
  6.  Structure your text for clarity and impact!: Make sure that your posts are thorough, well-articulated, and make sure you apply a positive emotional wall that blocks out negativity. 
  7. Choose and place the right emojis: It’s much easier to have a good conversation with someone when you’re using emojis, which are little pictures that replace words in your message. The Marathi keyboard for Android has a plethora of emojis to choose from. Moreover, the AI-powered keyboard is also capable of suggesting emojis in accordance with your conversation.
  8. Converse in regional language: Communication is key when it comes to connecting with natives. Ditch that formal tone and go for that long-lost heartfelt conversation with the Marathi keyboard if you are a native Marathi speaker. With modes like transliteration, native English to Marathi input, English typing etc, you get a wide range of options and switch accordingly. 
  9. To make jokes: Make and share jokes along the way. This is the secret to a lasting conversation. The power of humour never goes out of style. Install the Marathi keyboard Online; which has unique and funny jokes which can be directly shared on chat messenger platforms. 
  10. Type less yet talk more: The Marathi keyboard Apk is one of the best mobile keyboards. It’s not just the layout that makes this keyboard stand out, but also the software that comes with it. Your keyboard can sometimes be a barrier to better communication. Break the barrier. Based on deep technology, this one essentially renders a swift conversational interface with stickers, emojis, GIFs for a personalized conversational text experience.

Your keyboard can sometimes be a barrier to better communication. Break the barrier. With these ten tips, you would become a better speaker in no time.

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