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A guide to reposting on Instagram

Since there are around 1 billion active users on Instagram, it is commonly incorporated into a business’s marketing strategy. Instagram is a valuable tool that can help you connect with millions of potential customers if it’s part of your marketing plan, but if it isn’t, you’re losing out.

Many businesses use other people’s content to promote their own. It’s also common practice to repost stuff that fits with your brand’s image. You may get the same results from reposting content that you create if you do it carefully. Look over the simple guidelines we provided for you.

What Is Instagram Re-Posting?

Reposting is the process of posting an Instagram post from another account to your own. Reposting a regular feed post requires a few more steps than Twitter’s Retweet feature, which can be used to share content with just one click.

As a fast and easy but important aside, if you want to program Instagram posts, you should know the best ways to handle user-generated content, such as asking the original poster for permission and not changing the image too much.

Get Permission Before Reposting

You shouldn’t repost someone else’s content if you don’t have their permission or approval. Obtaining permission is simpler than it may seem when you have a variety of options. The most typical method is to ask the person directly for permission to repost their work by sending a direct message to them.

The next step is to obtain users’ permission through user-generated content rights management, which is the safest and ideal method. Once you get the users’ consent, it will be simpler for you to repost anything on Instagram without complications or consequences legally.

Ways To Repost Content On Instagram

There are several options if you’re trying to determine how to share a post on Instagram:

  • Take A Screenshot Of The Post

A screenshot of the content you wish to share is the best way to repost it on Instagram. If you enjoy a particular post, you can take a screenshot with your iOS or Android device. After that, open Instagram and select the plus icon in the upper-right corner.

Crop the image you selected from the screenshot so that it is the only part that shows in your post. After that, write your caption and remember to acknowledge the original poster. You can share your caption with the people who follow your Instagram profile after adding it. You can also download your posts using an Insta Downloader that can save your file to your device which you can use to repost anytime.

  • Using Additional Third-Party Apps

Utilizing one of the various accessible external Regramming programs is the third choice. Although there are other choices in the App and Google Play Stores, Repost For Instagram is the most popular. Repost For Instagram is cost-free, links your Instagram account immediately, and even supports video Regrams. 

Using the Repost app, follow the same procedure to repost Instagram content:

  • To Regram, open the image or video.
  • Select Copy Link by clicking the dots in the top right corner.
  • To Regram an image, launch the Repost application and select it.
  • Write your caption, and don’t forget to mention the original account after setting your reposting options, such as the color & location of the credit.
  • Next, select Copy to Instagram after selecting Repost.
  • Publish!
  • Repost To Story From Instagram Feed

Sharing the feed along with your tale is simple to do. Simply choose the post you wish to share and press the airplane icon near the option to add the post to Instagram stories. The chosen post can be edited before being published.

Additionally, you can copy and paste a few of the caption’s words. But remember that you won’t be able to post it in your story if you repost from a private account and have a public one. The post can only be shared in DMs.

However, if you continue to share the content, a pop-up caution will show every when you do so. The picture will direct viewers to the original post when they see the story and click on it.

  • Repost To Feed From Instagram Story

You might find some stories you enjoy and want to see on your feed. In this situation, simply navigate to a specific account story and select the option to share as a post. Any filters and modifications you wish to make should be posted.

  • Reposting From Instagram Stories To Stories

You can repost someone else’s story in your own when you like it. If you’ve been tagged, the post will appear in your direct message, where you can repost it with some backdrop adjustments. Otherwise, it is advised to get permission before reposting if you plan to use another method, such as screenshots, etc.

The Bottom Line

You should incorporate the straightforward method of reposting on Instagram into your more significant Instagram marketing activities. There are various ways to repost on Instagram, as we’ve already covered. Decide which of these will take the least time and effort for you to use.



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