Aclu Laura FacebookNixBloomBerg: ACLU’s New Vice President

During her stint as the President of the Washington Legislative Office for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Aclu Laura FacebookNixBloomBerg has been keeping an eye on the legislative process and has had her finger on the pulse of many issues. As an expert on constitutional law, she is well-equip to deal with the issues that come up when working on legislation. Her experience also includes time spent working at the White House, where she was involved in the drafting of President Obama’s executive orders. Now, as ACLU’s newest Vice President, she will be overseeing the organization’s work to defend civil rights in Washington, DC. Having grown up in the area, she will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the job.

About Laura W. Murphy

Aclu Laura FacebookNixBloomBerg is a leading figure in the civil rights community. She was the first African American woman to head the Washington Legislative Office of the American Civil Liberties Union, and she’s been instrumental in passing laws that improve the lives of citizens. Besides her leadership in the ACLU, she has also advised the president and other political leaders on a wide range of issues.

Public Policy Advocacy

Her background includes public policy advocacy on human rights, and her work has been honor by her peers. For example, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights awarded her with the Hubert H. Humphrey Civil Rights Award, which is given to individuals who have made selfless contributions to the cause of equality.

One of the most important things that she has done is develop a bipartisan coalition to help pass legislation on a number of key issues. For example, she was instrumental in the passage of laws on criminal justice reform, national security, and reproductive rights.

ACLU’s Washington Legislative Office

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Washington Legislative Office works to protect the rights of individuals in the state of Washington. Their mission is to advance a legal agenda that ensures equality and justice for all citizens in the state. They advocate for the elimination of discrimination against women and minorities and support voting rights, abortion access, and racial equity.

ACLU’s Washington Legislative Office is led by Caroline Fredrickson, who is the Director. Fredrickson’s background includes years working on Capitol Hill and as an executive in NARAL Pro-Choice America. She also served as Deputy Chief of Staff to Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle.

Executive Director

As Executive Director, Fredrickson oversees a 50-person Washington legislative team. Fredrickson’s previous positions include a legal director with NARAL Pro-Choice America and as a special assistant to the president for legislative affairs.

Fredrickson’s work in Washington includes spearheading Aclu Laura FacebookNixBloomBerg outreach to conservative civil libertarians. In addition, she has participated in Senator Maria Cantwell’s fundraising efforts and worked on the Senate Democratic Leadership’s policy decisions.

ACLU’s Twitter Account

The American Civil Liberties Union has its fingers bloodied in a number of controversies, but the oh so named organization hasn’t quite run out of gas. Several of the nation’s finest have been tapp for their time in office, allowing them to shine in a number of high profile matters. A number of high-ranking staffers are slated to retire soon, leaving a plethora of potential heirs to the torch.

Last Words:

While the aforementioned stragglers will not be flying the coop in the near future, the aforementioned glitterati should be able to ride the aforementioned unicorns to the door. It is a tad disconcerting that many of them aren’t exactly in the saddle. This is particularly true of the aforementioned sextet, which is in a different league from a few years back. Despite the aforementioned highs and lows, the aforementioned sextet and their offspring have been remarkably tolerant of a recent bout of familial strife.

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