Active participation and its Importance

Participation is important, winning comes second. Do your best. Automatic success follows you.” – Md Rizwan Ahmed. 

Active participation in the classrooms is very important for achieving your academics and other learning goals. The success achieved is guaranteed with active and consistent participation in classes throughout the learning process. 

Benefits of active class participation: to students

Active participation is very helpful for understanding and retaining the information and knowledge that our instructors are imparting to us. 

” I shall practice, I shall contribute, and in so doing, I will be the gainer.” – Walter Annenberg. 

Every student should learn the importance of active participation and surely practice it in their learning process. 

1. Increases the interest 

” An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin. 

Participation in the class and answering the topics being taught boosts our interest level and attention in the classroom. One-sided talking and explaining are neither beneficial nor interesting for the students. Just listening to the professors or teachers is not easy for the learners. Only the teacher speaking continuously makes focusing and attentiveness very difficult to practice. We get exhausted and bored with only listening and not speaking or interacting. 

But when given the chance to participate, students should surely communicate and interact as much as possible. Listening to the topics, and later responding boosts the interest of the learners. When a teacher asks the question, do answer without being afraid of judgments or being wrong. Correct or incorrect answers don’t matter while interacting, what matters is your contribution and participation. Now online learning is growing and reaching lakhs of teachers and students because online classes provide you with proper opportunities and time for participating and learning with interest and focus. 

2. Participation promotes effective preparation 

The practice of participation and interaction helps students to do effective preparation of learning and exams. When teachers ask questions and explanations from the students, they tend to prepare and study more properly and effectively. Teachers can give students tasks in which they can participate actively. This can include recitations, oral tests, presenting a topic to the class, teaching each other in groups, and much more. The topics should be related to the course or the subjects important to learn. This will help students to prepare themselves for the tests, exams, and other academics. 

Participating opportunities are available to the students in traditional classrooms as well as on online teaching sites or platforms. But online classes are the platforms that work better in this direction. This is the main reason behind the success of online teaching. It is a modern form of learning which aims to indulge students more and more in participating, growing in the classes with full interest and dedication. 

3. Academic success 

Speaking, interacting, and learning with full focus and undivided attention increases the academic performance of the students. A good academic rate leads to success in overall education. Your scores, grades, and final results are improved. Teachers and parents should encourage and motivate the students to participate so that overall better class performance and academic growth can be achieved. 

4. Enhances speaking skills

Active participation in the class enhances and improves your speaking skills and communication power. All that students need to remember is, not to miss the opportunities and chances to speak, interact and participate. 

” Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” – H. Jackson Brown. 

This shows that capturing the opportunities provided is very important. Don’t hesitate, be shy, or feel frightened to answer. Teachers are there to guide you on the right path and not giving or passing judgments. For professional contexts, good speaking skills are highly required. Practice and command of it from a younger age will be very beneficial for the future. This is something which can be achieved in a single day. Active and regular participation in the classrooms or learning environments helps to enhance your speaking skills and communication. 

5. Makes a good impression on others 

” You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” – Will Rogers. 

Participation makes a positive impact on others and helps to develop an intelligent image of yourself in the eyes of other people. The students who don’t interact much, eventually don’t show a good performance in education. Their class performance scores are affected. Along with it, a connection, bond, and understanding are also not developed among teachers and students without active participation and interactions. To connect well with teachers, participate and speak up. 

Nowadays, many online teaching sites organize webinars, workshops, and seminars for the students which help them to learn a lot. Interacting and participating with new teachers, professors, or educators sets a great first impression of yours. 


To achieve the desired educational goals and successful learning, proper participation and indulging in studies are required. Career and jobs in the twenty-first century demand a lot from the learners. Confidence, excellent vocal, and speaking skills along with proper communication techniques are highly demanded. The practice of all these by participating in the tasks should be done from the younger age itself. This will help the learners to achieve greater heights of success and stability in their lives. 

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