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Advantages of Installing Rubber Flooring in Playgrounds

Playgrounds and outdoor play equipment are an essential part of children’s lives. They enjoy spending time playing with their friends in the fresh air. That’s why it is necessary to make sure that the children play in a safe environment. One of the best ways to ensure safety during the fun hours is by installing rubber floorings in playgrounds. 

Do you know the advantages of installing rubber tiles in your playground? We have answered that in the following section of this article. You can continue reading to know more.

Advantages of Rubber Flooring of Playground

  • Children’s Safety

Well, the children’s safety is the most important thing you need to consider while selecting the playground surface. Rubber playground flooring is quite popular to ensure the safety of the children playing. After all, this flooring is made with the raw material rubber that provides excellent fall protection and aids in preventing critical injuries. In addition to that, rubber flooring also creates a non-slip surface, preventing any kind of slip and fall.

  • Appearance

Rubber flooring provides a smooth and clean look to the entire floor space. On top of that, their vibrant colors catch the attention of the children, inviting them to come and play on them. Moreover, tile-like-looking rubber flooring can be installed in different ways, creating different patterns and floor designs. 

  • Ultra-durable

The rubber flooring is generally made with high-quality rubber. If you install good-quality rubber flooring, it can last for a longer period. Moreover, when you buy rubber flooring from genuine manufacturers, you can even get a warranty. However, the warranty period may vary from one manufacturer to another. There are a few manufacturers who offer long warranty periods like 15 years. This long warranty period speaks for the resilience of the product. 

  • Easy To Clean

Once you install rubber flooring in the playground, you no more have to worry about the children’s mess. This is because rubber surfacing is very easy to clean. You can easily do general cleaning activities like sweeping, rinsing, and blowing off debris. Other than that, rubber flooring is quite maintenance-free. It does not harbor bacteria or attract insects.

  • Environmentally Friendly

The raw material used for manufacturing rubber flooring is recycled tires. Thus, manufacturing rubber flooring is quite eco-friendly and safe for both children and the environment. In other words, no additional pollution is made while manufacturing the rubber flooring. 

  • Economical

As mentioned above, the rubber flooring is quite durable and can last for a long period. Other than that, unlike other flooring materials, rubber flooring offers an economical advantage. More specifically, it is cheaper, can be installed quickly, and lasts longer than other flooring options. 

  • Versatility

Well, as you may know, rubber is extremely versatile. So, it can be used in different areas. Of course, you can use it as playground safety matting. Other than that, you can also use it in schools, parks, churches, residential areas, rooftops, and many more.

  • Shock Absorber

This is another great reason to use rubber flooring in children’s playgrounds. Rubber flooring can offer comfort and shock absorbability. Thus, it decreases the chance of children getting hurt by falling and hitting the floor. Also, the softness of the rubber supports longer play and happier feet.

  • Sound Resistance

Rubber flooring can also act as barriers and sound absorbers. It can reduce noise by up to 18 decibels. Thus, you can think of installing rubber flooring for courtyards and indoor play areas. 

  • UV Surface for All-Weather Use

Good-quality rubber flooring with UV particles can withstand all weather conditions. So, once you install them, you do not have to worry about changing them every season. In other words, you have to think about changing them years later when they get damaged. For now, you can relax!


After reading the above advantages of rubber flooring, don’t you think rubber flooring is worth your investment? As mentioned above, rubber flooring can be a perfect option for playground safety matting. We have tried our best to help you understand the benefits of installing rubber surfacing. Now, it is your time to make the call. 

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