All you need to know about car key cover!

With the advancement in technology, the car keys are also getting advanced. Now you do not have simple keys. There needs to be insurance of the same, too. You just cannot rely that they will never get lost. Getting a new key made is not a simple thing at all now. You need to make sure that the keys are insured for you to enjoy a peaceful driving without the tension of them getting lost. Get a car key cover now to enjoy a hassle-free experience of driving and using your car. 

Car Key Replacement by Hand

Getting a replacement key for your car used to be a simple and inexpensive process. Previously, automobiles featured a manual key that could be easily duplicated. Previously, the whole cost of duplication was less than Rs. 500. Because changing manual key was so inexpensive, car owners never considered getting the key protection cover. Things have changed considerably since the advent of high-end automotive locking mechanisms.

Replacement of Modern Automobile Keys

In the recent decade, India’s car sector has developed by leaps and bounds. Cars now come with a variety of technologically enhanced features to provide consumers with more convenience and security. Because Indians value safety above all else, most high-end and even mid-range vehicles now include modern locking mechanisms.

As a result, any other keyless FOB or the remote key will not be able to lock or unlock your vehicle. Your FOB or remote will not be covered under ordinary auto insurance if it is lost or stolen.

Why not make use of the spare keys?

The majority of remote key systems include two remote keys. In the event that you lose one, you will be able to operate the locking mechanism with the spare key. However, you face the danger of having your automobile stolen once more. Someone may find your key and use it inappropriately.

More significantly, if your automobile is stolen, it will be protected by your comprehensive car insurance policy. This implies that your insurance will pay you the current IDV of your automobile to assist you in purchasing a similar model.

How do I make a claim under the Key Protection Plan?

If you have the key protection add-on and you lose your car keys, you have two options for filing a claim. You have the option of going cashless or getting compensated. To use the cashless feature, you must have your locking system changed at one of your insurer’s network repair workshops. If you choose reimbursement, you can replace your locking system yourself and send the original payment to your insurance company. If your claim is approved, your insurer will pay you for the cost of the replacement, subject to your insurance policy’s terms and conditions and coverage limitations.


Consider this essential add-on when comparing vehicle insurance online before purchasing or renewing since it may save you hundreds of rupees if you misplace your car keys.


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