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Bitcoin is a computerized and technology-based token developed on the blockchain, further known as a distributed public ledger. According to bitcoin maximalism, BTC is the future of the crypto world because of the secured network it is offering to its investors. It is next to impossible to steal data from blockchain because it leads to creating a decentralized network. The main motive of developing cryptocurrencies like BTC is to finish the centric domination of fiat money within the economy. Check this and you can learn more about bitcoin cryptocurrency .

In 2009, satoshi Nakamoto announced these crypto models, leading to peer-to-peer connections to their investors and users. With the use of BTC, you can make any payment or transaction without the involvement third party. Mainstream investors of the market found an opportunity for massive profit-making in BTC. Satoshi Nakamoto is the one who had mined the first-ever block of the BTC blockchain. You can earn a fixed amount of BTC by performing the procedure of mining on your device. 

You might wonder that El Salvador has recently adopted BTC as their legal tender money. The most frequently asked question of people regarding bitcoin is where to store this digital token. There are tons of digital wallets available on different platforms which you can use to keep your BTC securely. A detailed discussion about the term wallet is mentioned in the following portion of the article. 

Fundamental knowledge about BTC wallet 

The wallet can be a device or software that investors use for storing BTC. BTC wallets are available in both digital and hardware, and you can choose according to your suitability. In comparing both wallets, a hardware wallet can be a good choice for you in terms of security. A hardware wallet contains private keys which play a vital role in accessing and transferring your BTC to another wallet. It is a fact that investors can also use BTC wallets for storing other crypto tokens. 

It will assist you in reducing the future chances of unexpected loss because some of them are charging high fees in return for providing service. As mentioned ahead, the BTC network can be retrieved from anywhere globally through internet connectivity. Furthermore, transactions through BTC are tax-free because the central authority of any country is not able to interfere in transactions related to BTC or any other cryptocurrency. In the case of a bitcoin wallet, private keys will work the same as PIN in a bank account. 

Different types of digital wallets. 

  • In terms of a digital wallet, an enormous variety of wallets exist in which you can stock BTC. Whether he is a trade, investor, or miner, every BTC user needs a BTC wallet to store those digital tokens. The desktop wallet is the most popular type of wallet, which is being used by every miner or trader who is operating the BTC network through their computer. From a security point of view, a desktop wallet cannot be placed by people in the first position because compromising data from a computer or laptop is not much complex. It would help if you used a desktop wallet for storing BTC only when the amount of your investment is low. 
  • In major digital wallets, mobile wallets come at the second position, which investors can access through their smartphones with the help of the internet. Mobile wallets are straightforward to access because you can also make payments by scanning any QR code. Moreover, the transaction speed of a mobile wallet is fast compared to a desktop wallet, which makes it more impressive.  
  • If you are willing to use an easy-to-access wallet to store your bitcoins, a web wallet can be great. You can access a web wallet from any corner around the globe and the only factor required is the internet. In simple terms, web wallets offer a digital way to store digital tokens. For using a web wallet, you don’t have to download any application or software because you will be able to perform your operation through their website. Web wallets are considered the least secured wallets because anyone can steal your keys from the website you are using to access your wallet. You can log in to your wallet anytime simply using a password. It is suggested that you should set a strong passcode that will remain hard enough to crack for a hacker. It will help you prevent the chances of digital theft in your BTC wallet.        


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