Behind Honour Kings League LegendsLike 100M: League of Legends Hits 100 Million Daily Active Users

If you’re a fan of the Behind Honour Kings League LegendsLike 100M franchise, you might have already heard about the company’s recent milestone. The game has topped 100 million DAUs, a remarkable achievement that has not been seen in any other game. Here’s what you need to know about this momentous event.

Tencent’s Honour of Kings

If you’re into mobile gaming you might be familiar with Tencent’s Behind Honour Kings League LegendsLike 100M, which boasts a mindboggling number of downloads and active users. Considering that it’s a Chinese product, that’s a lot of gamers. While the game is hardly a juggernaut, it is by no means the worst offender in the category.

Hefty Marketing Budget

The game also has a hefty marketing budget, allowing it to roll out some of the best free-to-play content in the mobile space. Some of the better stuff includes a free game that allows you to acquaint yourself with some of the most important and popular esports leagues in the world, as well as the new Monkey King skin that taps into the nostalgia of 80s television buffs.

Arena of Valor

While Behind Honour Kings League LegendsLike 100M has become the top-grossing game in the world, another League of Legends clone, Arena of Valor, has surpassed the title’s peak DAU numbers. The game has already been released in China and is a huge hit, with over 1.5B downloads. This means it has potential to be the next big game to break 100M DAUs.

Tencent, which owns Supercell, has made some major moves in the mobile gaming world. First, the company beat its rivals to the rights to develop a League of Legends clone. It has also launched Clash Royale and Brawl Stars. With these moves, the Chinese giant is clearly targeting the competitive PvP market.

Chinese Families

However, it isn’t just about the revenue. Mobile games are also bigger in terms of player-base and viewership. In fact, a recent study found that younger generations in China were largely interested in video games. Moreover, many Chinese families are now choosing mobile games over traditional television shows.

Honor of Kings (HoK) has been one of the most successful and successful games ever created. It took off with a young population in China, and has become the world’s highest grossing mobile game. Despite its popularity, the company was forced to restrict Chinese players to two hours of play per day. However, there are plans to expand the games’ international reach.

Western Gaming Market

Currently, HoK has a player base of around 200 million. The game is also being released in South Korea and Europe, as well as in North America. There is hope that these new players will help expand the Western gaming market. Moreover, the younger generation of Chinese families prefer to play on their mobile phones rather than watch TV galas.

Chinese Communist Leadership

The game has been criticized by the Chinese Communist leadership. According to the Chinese Communist newspaper, it is a “poison” that has influenced Chinese youth’s addiction to video games. But if the communist rulers had not put a limit on the amount of time Chinese children could play the game, they would have been forced to punish the company’s management.

The Story Behind the Honour of Kings League

The Honour of Kings League was a major surprise when it was released back in 2015. As you can imagine, a mobile game of this scale didn’t have much to gain in terms of popularity at the start, but a year later it is now ranked among the top games in the world. There are over 80 million daily active users playing the game, which translates to about a billion dollars in gross revenues per month. It is also one of the most popular esports titles.

Online Multiplayer Battle Arena Game

Honor of Kings is an online multiplayer battle arena game developed by Tencent’s TIMI Studio. It is available for both mobile and desktop. It features a player versus player mode as well as a ranked competition. Players can invite friends to their teams and compete in real time. In addition to being a social game, it offers location based gameplay, allowing players to compete against other gamers in their city, province, or school.

Tencent’s first foray into mobile esports, Honor of Kings, has already led to several dedicated hardware options, and it’s expected to generate more than $10 billion in revenue worldwide by the end of the year. According to a recent report from Niko Partners, the average Honor of Kings player spends about six hours a week playing the game.

Final Thoughts:

In addition to its massive esports following, Honor of Kings has also built up a surprisingly substantial secondary market. This includes an underground business where players can hire experienced gamers. Even though Honor of Kings is a free-to-play game, users can purchase items in the game with virtual currencies. Some characters have been given special cosmetics.

The esports industry has grown significantly in China, thanks to the launch of Honor of Kings and other similar games. Last season, more than 70 million people watched the games, a 41 percent increase from the previous season.

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