Benefits of Hiring a Cold Chain Logistics Service

The overall logistics and supply chain across the country and the rest of the world is extremely important. Without a proper functioning supply chain, it will be impossible for consumers to get access to all the products and services that they need to thrive. One particular segment of the logistics industry that comes with unique challenges is cold chain logistics. For those that are wondering what is cold chain logistics, it is essentially the process of transporting products that need to be kept below a certain temperature. This includes certain foods, beverages, plants, and even medication. 

When looking to transport any cold products, it is always beneficial to work with a company that is experienced with cold chain logistics. There are various benefits in particular that come with this unique form of logistics, which can make it a great option for your organization. 

Understanding and Compliance with Various Standards

When it comes to the transportation of products that require cold temperatures, there are various standards that need to be met. Some of the regulatory agencies that can influence how certain products need to be transported include the Department of Transportation (DOT), the Federal Drug and Food Administration (FDA), US Customs, and the TSA. Ensuring that you are in compliance with these organizations’ standards is very important. If you are not, you could face penalization, damage to your reputation, and even have to destroy the cargo. When you hire a third-party service, they will understand and ensure compliance with these requirements. 

Ensure On-Time Arrival and Status Updates

Whenever you have to send out a shipment of cold products, you will want to know that it will get to the destination on time. One way that you can do this is by working with a cold storage supply chain logistics service. These organizations will provide you with an accurate estimate of when your deliveries will arrive at the final destination. They also can provide you with real-time status and location updates and provide other necessary information if there are unforeseen delays in the process. This can help ensure you are able to provide the best possible service to the end recipients.

Use of Products and Technology to Protect Inventory

The process of ensuring that products are kept cold enough can be complicated. To do this, you will need to invest in a lot of different pieces of equipment and other products. Some of these can include dry ice and gel packs, boxes designed for cold storage use, eutectic cold plates, liquid nitrogen, and other products that are useful to keep your items cold. If you try to ship inventory on your own, you will have to invest considerably to purchase this equipment. If not managed properly, they can easily be lost or damaged in the transportation process. When you hire a cold chain logistics service, it can ensure you have access to the top equipment and tools needed to protect your items. 

Manage All Necessary Documentation

When you are shipping certain items across the country, you could be dealing with controlled products or items that are quite valuable. Due to this, there are a variety of documentation efforts that are required to ensure successful delivery and that products are properly monitored along the way. The cold chain logistics provider will handle all of this for you. This includes taking temperature and security checks and ensuring they receive the right documentation to confirm it has been received by the final party. 

Cold chain logistics is clearly a very important part of the overall supply chain process. Without proper cold chain logistics, it could have a dramatic impact on the ability for consumers to receive a wide range of food and other products. There are several tips that businesses can follow that can help to improve their ability to manage this part of the process



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