Best 9 Animated Explainer Video Maker of all Times

We all know that it’s hard to make explainer videos. But it’s easier with tools and online platforms being so vibrant. But only if we find the right animated explainer video maker, then things become easier. Because in this digital age, video content plays a very important role in any field of life.

Here is the list of the best nine animated explainer video-makers to consider:

The Vyon

Vyond is a fast-online tool for creating professional animated videos. It contains everything you need to tell a compelling story beautifully and clearly with a how-to video. The software offers an extremely rich library of predefined scenes, characters, objects, and soundtracks. To make your video even more interesting, you can use dialogue, lip-syncing, and realistic gestures.

Mango Animation Maker

It is the best online animated explainer video maker in the list. Many different video styles, including computer graphics, styles, and many kinds of animation, allow you to create beautiful how-to videos. It comes with a wide array of symbols, diagrams, and icons, as well as sound and visual effects that can help you bring things to life. With Mango animation maker, you can create vertically optimized videos that display directly on your mobile screen.


Wideo is another web application for intuitively creating, editing, and publishing animated videos. It offers over 100 fully customizable templates, over 1,300 images, and over 50 music tracks. If you don’t want to use the default objects found in the library, you can use your own.


Explaindio is a robust tool for collecting 2D and 3D animations, sketches, and animated videos. You can easily create how-to videos by combining preset text animations, animated scenes, fonts, characters, and soundtracks to get the look and story you want.

Sparkol Video Scribe

Sparkol Video Scribe allows you to create animated hand-drawn explainer videos without any design or technical knowledge. With a large built-in image library and a convenient drag-and-drop timeline, you can create videos instantly. Video Scribe also has an excellent audio library with around 200 tracks to choose from.


The hand that pulls and strokes various elements on the screen, supported by the voice block, is exactly what you can see in the videos created with MySimpleShow. It is a simple tool with a unique explanatory mechanism. Just choose a story template for your theme, write a story, and the program will present you with a selection of characters, objects, and animations to create your video.

Raw Shorts

Raw Shorts is a drag and drop animated dashboard program. You can create a how-to video without animation capabilities just by choosing ready-made templates, graphics, and symbols, as well as adding media and text. Raw shorts are distinguished from other tools by their specific transitions and animations, which can be given to each element in addition to the classic hand-painted style.

The HapYack

HapYak is a SaaS video platform that can help you create how-to videos with active and profitable experiences. You can interact with your videos by adding hotspots, links, surveys, calls to action, shopping carts, and more. The tool has a built-in analytics feature that tracks clicks at all locations in your video.

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