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Bitcoin has taken the world by storm and continues to expand its reach in the most remote locations of the world. With millions of people switching their interests and inclining towards the digital revolution in the financial ecosystem, it becomes important for them to learn ways to claim their rightful share. There is an abundance of instructors, teachers, and professors who took to online platforms to teach beginners and professionals, ways to make it big in the crypto industry with the right means. 

Below mentioned are some of the trending courses that you can opt for to keep yourself abreast with the scenario:

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies by Berkeley, edX  

This is a comprehensive guide to your Bitcoin journey and comes in the form of a professional certificate. It starts with the basic fundamentals and dives deep into the intricacies of the crypto industry. The crucial underlying principles of blockchain technology will help you come to grips with the cryptocurrency scenario with significant stress on Bitcoin. The second most prominent cryptocurrency, Ethereum is also a vital part of the course which is yet another decentralized platform exclusively based on blockchain. Students will be acquainted with the building and running contracts, real-time applications of decentralized apps. The overall duration of the course is 6 weeks and the course is provided by the University of California. 

The entire working mechanism of Bitcoin will be dealt with as well as the practical application of the digital currency. The course precisely covers the security issues that are encountered in cryptocurrency usage. Its diversified content includes Smart contracts, Ethereum, Vulnerabilities, etc. 

Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing for Beginners by Udemy 

This course helps the participants and learners to develop a robust skill set to analyze the crypto industry in and out. The dynamics of this volatile industry is one of the major aspects that beginners are taught to gain a sound understanding of. Being able to successfully decipher the quality of Bitcoin by incorporating fundamental analysis is a crucial part of the course. The technicalities and associated know-how to not only survive but thrive in cryptocurrency trading is yet another element that the course dives into. Udemy offers this course at a reasonable price and can be accessed on mobile phones as well. 

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Course by Princeton University 

This course is a handiwork of an assistant professor at Princeton University, Arvind Narayanan who is specialized in Computer Science. The entire course has a run of 11 weeks and contains a total of 61 videos that are easy to understand. It is a free Bitcoin investment course that explores all the facets of Bitcoin and the prevalent investment scenario. The course jumps into the important parts of Bitcoin right after introducing students to the cryptographic blocks. You will also be taught ways to store and utilize Bitcoin efficiently along with the mining process. 

In addition to this, the legal aspect of bitcoin investment has also been discussed in the course that will brush up your knowledge of law enforcement and governance systems. The course is equipped with compelling examples and convenient resources that will assist the learners to apply this practical knowledge to real life. 

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies by Coursera 

Coursera knows how to keep its learners hooked by compelling subscription packages. This highly informative course is facilitated by Princeton University and aims to nurture and refine the understanding of Bitcoin along with the prospects of investment. It is exclusively designed for beginners who have little to no knowledge of Bitcoin and does pretty well in familiarizing such students with a whole new opportunistic crypto industry. The most important element of this course includes Decentralization, Bitcoin mining, regulation, alternative currency, mechanics of bitcoin, and the future of Bitcoin.

Smart Cryptocurrency Investor: A-Z Investment by Udemy 

You will learn how to precisely calculate the real-time value of digital assets in this course. The course also teaches you how to make massive future profits by buying undervalued cryptocurrencies. Hence, value investment is heavily explored in this course and you will also get to learn a lot more about Bitcoin. The course is taught by the versatile Cem Goksel Ozargum and contains 64 video lectures. You will be able to assess the true value of an asset by conducting a comparison between other digital assets and strategies that go into buying and selling. Start your crypto journey with and earn a good profit from cryptocurrencies trading. 

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