Best Mobile Phone Plans in Singapore

Contrary to popular belief, mobile phone plans in Singapore are not as expensive as many people think. There are quite a few carriers that offer competitive rates and packages. While some may still prefer the traditional route where they pay only for calls made, SMS sent, and data used, some opt for more flexible options.

Some mobile phone plan providers allow callers to make calls via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This means that subscribers can essentially use Internet services but still enjoy all the benefits of having a wireless connection with their own prepaid SIM card or postpaid contract without having to worry about high prices.The following are the best mobile phones in Singapore:

1. TPG is one of the most widely used mobile phone plans providers in Singapore. It offers some plans that range from those for individuals, parents, and couples and include unlimited calls and free texts to any network in Singapore.

TPG’s $29.99 Unlimited Mobile Plan is an excellent deal as it includes more than 5GB of Internet data within 30 days. Customers can use this on their mobile devices whether they are using 3G or 4G networks which means they don’t need to worry about high bills.

2. Circles Life Combo 6 (S$168/30 days) – This offer caters well to couples who need more than 5GB of data on their devices each month as it allows them to share up to 10GB of Internet data. It also offers subscribers free texts, voice calls, and 100 minutes for international calls, which can be extremely useful when traveling overseas or calling friends and relatives abroad.

3. Singtel is another popular mobile carrier in Singapore as its network coverage spans the entire country, which means almost all subscribers can use Singtel services. However, mobile phone plans rates can vary depending on the type of subscription and how much Internet data, free minutes, and SMS messages customers want.

4. Starhub offers a mobile phone plan with 5GB of 3G/4G network access within 30 days at only $49.99 monthly. The catch is that the SIM card must be used with an iPhone 4S or later models, and it requires users to sign up for a 24-month contract with StarHub.

5.ViviFi is a relatively new mobile carrier in Singapore, but it is growing in popularity amongst young adults due to its subscription plans. The ViviFi One (S$49/28 days) plan includes 1GB of 3G/4G network access for surfing the web and social media apps while allowing customers to make unlimited voice calls to any local number within 28 days. 

6.MyRepublic’s $39.99 Basic Unlimited Data Plan is perfect for individuals who don’t want to spend more than S$50 on mobile phone plans monthly. This includes 1GB of data which can be used within 30 days, and it also features unlimited voice calls to any local number, Singaporean landline, or MobileOne lines.

 Bottom line

People who want to save on their mobile phone plans in Singapore should choose a program that offers more than S$50 of data and at least 100 minutes of calling time monthly. It is best to select a SIM card from major carriers such as Singtel, Starhub, or M1 because these providers have the most comprehensive network coverage around Singapore. Having good coverage means subscribers can use their prepaid SIM or postpaid contract without worrying about losing reception all the time.

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