Best Prescription Sunglasses Right Now and Why You Need Them


If you need prescription glasses and spend any time outdoors or in the sun, you should wear prescription sunglasses. If you are hesitant to wear contact lenses with traditional sunglasses, investing in a pair of prescription sunglasses is essential for various outdoor activities. Sports, driving and walking outdoors mean spending a lot of time in the sun, therefore exposing yourself to UV rays. With UV protection built into many sunglasses, you can combine your prescription lenses with sun protection coatings, making life easier. Read on to find out why you should buy prescription sunglasses.

Why You Need Prescription Sunglasses:

Prescription sunglasses protect your eyes from debris such as sand and dirt getting into your eyes. In addition to that, prescription sunglasses can help prevent damage from the harmful effects of harsh UV rays. That’s why prescription sunglasses are always recommended for visually impaired individuals.

No Need to Put Sunglasses over Your Glasses:

Most people wear sunglasses over their contact lenses while outside on a bright sunny day. However, prescription sunglasses have solved the problem of wearing double eyeglasses. Now, you just have to wear one pair for going outside: prescription sunglasses.

Prescription sunglasses eliminate the hassle of switching to contact lenses and can feel more comfortable if you are outdoors all day long. Don’t you want to carry around two pairs of eyewear? Try photochromic (transitional) lenses to make life even easier. Photochromic lenses darken when exposed to bright light, reducing eye strain and making you feel more comfortable when you step outside. With these glasses, you are getting two pairs of glasses for one.

The Best Prescription Sunglasses Right Now

The following are some recommended sunglasses to wear on a sunny day:


  • Arise Collective: Pristine clarity, superb vision, and highly rated durability in a single lens. Arise CollectiveTM Clarity Lenses are designed for everyday use but provide advanced protection to prepare you for your outdoor adventures. 

Best Pick: Arise Collective RHODE ISLAND POLARIZED OV5186S C7

  • Ray-Ban: Ray-Ban has created some of history’s most iconic sunglass designs. Feel confident and comfortable with a great mix of classic style and fresh modern look.

          Best Pick: Ray-Ban RB3548N


  • Oakley: Oakley is well-known for meeting the eye-protection needs of athletes all over the world, particularly those who hit the slopes, the waves, or the skate park.

            Best Pick: OAKLEY OO9301 COHORT POLARIZED


  • Nike: Nike sunglasses are the most important sports accessories. Whether you’re training, competing, or relaxing after a big victory, there’s a Nike frame for you.

          Best Pick: NIKE VINTAGE 76 EV0601 203


Prescription sunglasses will help to protect your eyes from the sun and help you to see clearly when outdoors. They have the most recent types that are ideal for any outdoor occasion. For a vast range of brands and prescription sunglasses styles, we recommend shopping online at SmartBuyGlasses


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