Best tools to make an explainer video

Original animations are a great way to stand out among video content creators.  Drawn inserts will grab viewers’ attention and help present information in an engaging format.  Want to learn how to make animation?  This is possible even if you have never done it before.  In this article, we have selected free and paid 2D animation software for beginners.

In fact, it is not so easy to find a good program that will suit you in all respects.  That is why we have made this collection.

In the digital age, where visual content reigns supreme, free SVG images have become a cornerstone for designers, developers, and content creators alike. SVG, or Scalable Vector Graphics, offer a versatile and crisp alternative to traditional image formats, allowing for seamless scaling without loss of quality.

However, you can always contact the experts and order an animated explainer video by Explain Ninja.  Here the choice is only yours.

Choosing programs at our top, we paid attention to the main functionality, as well as the usability and possibilities of free versions.

Moho debut

Moho Debut is great for animators of all backgrounds.  In the editor, you can switch between beginner and advanced user mode and adjust the interface to suit your requirements.  There is a collection of objects on the basis of which you can create projects.  It supports work with PSD, JPEG and BMP, you can also connect a graphics tablet and draw characters manually.  Moho is free to try for 30 days.


There is a mode for beginners;

Supports graphic tablets;

Large collection of characters and backgrounds.


No audio sync;

Doesn’t support importing AI files;

No motion capture function.

Muvizu Play

Muvizu Play is easy to navigate, built-in tools are easy to learn, but give a lot of room for creativity.  With this animation maker, you can easily generate new characters by combining individual pieces of template characters and adding backgrounds from the collection.  The free version is available for personal use only, with a watermark applied to the finished images.


Dozens of ready-made presets;

Lip sync.


Doesn’t support graphic tablets;

Only one audio track can be added;


Synfig is a great solution if you are looking for something interesting and with free 2D animation software.  There are enough professional tools here to quickly create a complete animated mini-movie.  You can use “bone” animation, work with raster and vector images, apply filters, create an unlimited number of layers.  Synfig supports all types of graphics and video files.


Support for multiple audio tracks;


There are training videos in Russian.


Inconvenient controls.


Animatron is an online resource for creating professional animations.  This free service allows you to draw tutorial videos, explainer boxes, animated banners and presentations.


Voice acting and music overlay;

A collection of characters;

Easy to use.


Graphics tablets cannot be connected.


Free open source software by a group of animation enthusiasts. TupiTube is a versatile and very simple program that is ideal for beginners, as it is even used to teach children. It has all the tools to create an engaging movie: frame-by-frame, layer creation, export of all popular video formats, object library and much more.


* Object library;

* Import of graphics in JPG, SVG, GIF, PNG formats;

* Simple controls.


* Not suitable for advanced work.

There are actually many programs, but the choice depends only on you.  Before you finally decide, study the advantages and features of each program and choose exactly what will be most suitable for your parameters.  And do not forget that sometimes it is better and more convenient to order a video from the professionals

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