Best treks in August, India

August is the monsoon month that truly blooms the feeling of trekking and wandering through the gorgeous appealing meadows, landscapes, terrains, hills, greenery, woodland, cascades and more. 

Valley of Flowers (Uttrakhand) 

The valley is about a couple of kilometres wide stretched to the miles and 10 kilometres long. Exploring in front will be the carpet of hues waves in the vibrance of pink, blue, red, violet, yellow flowing through the breadth and width of the region.It is one of the gorgeous, appealing and best treks in India. It has its mythological significance that Hanuman brought the magical herb to resuscitate Lakshman.It’s better known as The Amsterdam of India also. It is really an excellent place to be.One has to make efforts and trek a lot, greatest views come after the hardest climb!

Hampta Pass Trek (Himachal)

Surrounded by the mighty gorgeous  Himalayas, the campsite of Jobra serves as beginning spot of a trail to trek forward, where one will cut through a thick and long woodland. It is not such a rough trek to hunt upon as it serves with a splendid experience of beauty. It truly has a gorgeous feature that makes one fall in love with Trek and the trip they are on. The trek is truly marvellous and appealing as one can witness the changes everyday.The endeavour journey in the wild is totally an inexplicable experience that feeds the wanderlust and makes moments for a lifetime.

Dzongri Trek (Sikkim)

The natural paradise namely the Dzongri Trek, is 

A blissful scenic location lies in the heart of an imposing state Sikkim. One of the outstanding attractions at the peak of this trek is the purely serene and adorable view of Kanchenjunga peak. One can witness the incredible majestic sunrise from the snow-clad range. Looking truly stunning, it turns the entire horizon in opulent gold and sparks the crystal all over and makes it picturesque.The Sikkim Dzongri Trek is found at a height of 1,780 meters beginning from Yuksom.

Pin Parvati Pass Trek ( Himachal)

Great trek to haunt, As climbing higher the bird’s-eye breathtaking views are worth capturing and living. The beauty of this trek will definitely be secure in your heart- with lovely landscapes, culture, diverse lively flora and fauna, panoramic view, serene aura and much more. The view of the Valley is truly a bliss to experience.

Stok Kangri Trek (Ladakh)

It is the great lofty summit in the Stok range, Ladakh region. It is about 20187 ft above sea level. The Hemis National Park is the spot where this marvelling trek is located. Stok village is the beginning spot to initiate marking and living the trek that is roughly about 20km away from the main city Leh.The trek caters the travel junkies with the barren grey landscape, appealing terrain, marvellous plateaus, regions, flora and fauna. of Ladakh Range. The route will take you through multiple glaciers and steep slopes until you reach the top.Must do a trek if you like adventure.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek (Kashmir)

The journey begins from Sonamarg that goes to the  Naranag. The trek is a great hunt to practice and experience the exotic bliss filled with life and energy.The weather can get biting cold but it is worth it. So, why to wait? Just gear up and feel the tranquility and fall in love. Kashmir is indeed the paradise on earth. Abundance of wild flowers. Glacial lakes. High mountain passes take you close to the glaciers. Inshort, Beautiful scenery! 

Checklist: Packing for a getaway 


-Extra clothes and towels

-Ponchos, raincoats, boots and rain covers for backpacks

-Extra pairs of socks

-Waterproof / Water-resistant shoes and Comfortable slippers

-GPS, trail trackers, and maps

-Torch/headlights with extra batteries

-Turmeric and coconut oil

-Zip locks or plastic bags

-Pocket knife or Swiss knife

-Toiletries and first aid kit

-Clothes/shoe fresheners

-Power banks

-Mosquito repellent and Salt for the leeches

-Hand sanitizer, lip balms, and sunscreens

-Dry fruits, cookies, snacks, bananas,Bottles of water,Noodles or bread – Avoid frozen food & fizzy drinks during a monsoon trek

-Waterproof tents and Sleeping bags, Collect dry firewood well before monsoon trek

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