Boosted Productivity Using Chrome Extension. Here are the top 5 Tips!

With more people working from home or placed on furlough, staying motivated or productive during such unpredictable times is difficult indeed.

The good news is that the Google Chrome has numerous chrome extensions with free browser extension development that speed up to help users increase productivity. It helps people track time, manage their to-do lists, and deliver inspirational messages to keep you focused throughout the working day. 

Following are the top five chrome extensions that make people more productive and organized during their working day. The chrome extension development is simple to use. Users need to click on the one they want amongst the list, press the download option, and these extensions will be automatically added to their Google Chrome browser. 

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This free Chrome browser extension development has several unique features, including: 

● Task management 

● Project collaboration

● Notation

● Multiple workspaces 

● Text messaging and video calls

● Meeting scheduling 

The usefulness of Chrome Extension 

Google Momentum

The valuable thing about this Chrome extension is it enables users to have their workspace to arrange their daily tasks. Tools help to tick off items, rate tasks as complete, schedule meetings, drag and drop files, and more so joint project workplaces that allow people to collaborate with other members of their team on notes in real-time and tasks simply by tagging them.

Focus is a major attribute of this Google Chrome extension.


Noisli permits people to effortlessly mix and match the natural sounds like fire crackling, thunder, rain, ocean waves and, for example, mix them into a sound playlist, and allows users to create brilliant and personalized soundscapes for focusing on the tasks ahead.

The extension is adjusted at the top of their web browser, allows users to click, play, or stop their personalized soundscapes at any time they want, or select from the ready-made soundscapes that have been carefully curated to help them concentrated. 

Some of us are quickly distracted and unable to continue working to the background sounds by the slightest of noises. Noisli could be a perfect productivity companion, giving the best solution for either eliminating distracting sounds or helping them to relax.  

On top of that, Noisli also offers a basic timer function to help people be aware of the time they spend on tasks and encourage them to compartmentalize their working day. 

Save to Pocket

Have you ever found yourself in the mid-way through a task and confused to create an article, video, news piece that you want to watch? Often you face a time crunch, and the browser extension development company is there to help you.

The Save to Pocket Chrome extension allows people to easily and quickly add intriguing content or website pages users find online into a “pocket” that lives at the top of their browser. It can easily be read later at their convenient time.

With a clean interface, the extension helps people to easily program all the saved data into groups through the use of tags or by choosing them as favorites. It implies whether one requires a help article apt for a work project or a fun video of a rhino rolling around in the mud, users can save them for a later date and stay focused on their work.

This Google Chrome extension also syncs with its mobile app such as Pocket, Save, and Read. Grow helps to read the saved content offline or on the go whenever users have five minutes spare. They can just delete or archive it when done.

Clockify Time Tracker 

If time management is your problem, then the Clockify Google Chrome extension could be the proper solution for you to get back on the right track. You may finish your tasks on time and gear up your productivity as well. 

The ‘built-in Pomodoro timer,’ a timing system invented in the 80s, helped increase focus by compartmentalizing tasks to 25-minute blocks. The extension is effective in making the most use of your day with added features like analysis reports or idle detectors, etc.

One can download the chrome extension, click, and label a task to begin for the timer and track time spent on projects. Users can also ask team members to join them and track time together to see the total time spent on a specific project. 

These five Google Chrome extensions are particularly designed to help users increase their concentration and productivity. These free apps help make for a better and more productive remote workforce. One can keep going smoothly during these uncertain times when staying concentrated can be even more difficult.  

Now, when one is mastered managing time, they can also download the free eBook to know how a sound understanding of customer relationship management can prove to be advantageous for a company. 360° of CRM helps in making integrated CRM decisions. 

Google Keep is a great example of a Google Chrome extension as it helps to keep all the data neatly organized. More so, it helps people take notes and create to-do lists. One can also save images and pages and then add some notes to them. It allows users to take notes by creating voice memos that are transcribed later on.

Google Keep allows users to set up location-based reminders for the lists and notes. You may need to do some on-location research for a travel app. By enlisting all the details, users may keep tracking and set a location-based reminder. The process helps pull up the list as soon as one gets to the location.

To create more organized notes, one does not have to waste time looking for them. One can color-code and merge them with labels.

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