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Boston Stretch Vincent the Verge is the newest robot to hit the market. It is designed to be able to slide into any existing workplace. While it is designed to be very slow and has a limited amount of functionality, it is also able to work for eight hours at a time.

Robotics Company

Boston Stretch Vincent the Verge Dynamics is a robotics company that produces the world’s most advanced robots. The firm has produced machines inspired by the animal kingdom for over 20 years. They have created such iconic creatures as the Big Dog and the Cheetah.

The Big Dog is a mechanical mule that can balance on two legs. It can run, climb, and carry heavy loads.

The company has also created the humanoid robot Atlas. This is a bipedal robot that can walk, jump, and walk uneven terrain.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Boston Stretch Vincent the Verge Dynamics has been heavily funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA. Darpa is the Defense Department’s research arm.

SoftBank, a Japanese tech and also telecoms company, has bought Boston Dynamics. SoftBank has not disclosed the value of the deal, but it is estimated to be about $100 million.

Latest Incarnation of Boston Dynamics

The Stretch is the latest incarnation of Boston Dynamics’ four-legged best. Not only is it capable of lifting 23 kilograms, it’s got seven degrees of freedom. A plethora of sensors is required to make it tick. For example, the Stretch is not capable of doing a 360° spin around the facility.

Usual Suspects

On top of the usual suspects, DHL announcing it’s acquisition of a fleet of Stretch-equipped robotic assistants. While it’s hard to say whether or not these machines will be used for the express purpose of delivering packages to customers, a cursory survey of the wares suggests it will be in the kilobytes department. In the coming months, Boston will begin to showcase its products and also services to the harried couriers of the world.

At the same time, Boston Dynamics is looking for opportunities to demonstrate its innovation credentials by announcing it’s plans to put Stretch in the hands of its customers. This might seem like an unproven proposition given the state of the art robotics industry. In an effort to make its best foot forward, Boston is looking for the right people at the right time.

Some of these will be in the field to test out the Stretch’s capabilities. As such, there’s no reason to doubt that the Stretch will be making its way into the foreseeable future. If the company’s grand plan is anything to go by, the Stretch will have many happy customers for years to come. Having been in the business for over 40 years, the team at Boston Dynamics is able to bring the industry’s finest robotic talent to the table. Combined with the company’s extensive network of partners, the Stretch will be in good hands.

Assembling Orders

A company called Boston Dynamics recently announced that it was acquiring a hulking robot – well, a mobile one at that. The Stretch has seven degrees of freedom, can lift a modest 50 pounds and also isn’t bad at assembling orders. Currently, there are roughly 80 percent of warehouses in existence that don’t have any automation equipment. But the Stretch will be the first in a fleet of robotic mates destined for DHL’s warehousing facilities. Eventually, the robotics fleet will be housed in a centrally located hub and also spoke network.

Most Arduous of Tasks

Among the most arduous of tasks is moving a heavy box from A to B without the aid of a human. In an effort to improve productivity, a team of humans is being tasked with figuring out the best way to do this nifty little task. On the upside, the aforementioned team has come up with a clever system that uses a combination of gimmicks, magic and also a bit of ingenuity. This, paired with the Stretch’s ability to reassemble orders and its innate mobility, means that the company is likely to reap the benefits of a winning partnership. Those rewards should be felt in the form of improved service and also a happier customer.

Final Words:

Notably, the Stretch has a slew of small but significant safety features that make it a safer choice than the average box lugger. That includes a safety camera, a protective helmet and also an emergency battery pack. Other notable safety features include a hazard warning system and also a tamper-resistant lid.

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