Broward SSO – Single Sign-On For Students and Faculty

Single Sign-On is a cloud-based identity management solution that enables students and faculty to login once. Broward has partnered with Clever SSO to enable this technology. The process involves using the Clever Badge login and a browser plugin. Once a user has registered with Clever, they can use this login to access campus resources.

Single Sign-On

Broward SSO is a powerful tool that enables users to sign in once to multiple websites. It works through an authentication system that relies on alternate authentication methods such as security questions and passwords. This allows the user to confirm their identity and access the information they need. Broward SSO also includes various website apps such as Discovery Education, Office 365, Atomic Learning, Britannica School, Tumblebooks, and SIRS Discoverer.

To log into Broward SSO, users should first login with their username and password. If they are a student, they should use their student or worker id and password. If they forgot their passwords, they can also use the Student Account Recovery option to reset their credentials. Broward SSO login can also be used from a mobile device, so students and employees can sign in to the district’s website using their smartphone or tablet.

Once they have successfully signed in, parents can then log into their child’s school portal. The school portal login form can be found on the Broward SSO launch pad. If students or parents don’t remember their login information, they can enter their school’s ID number in the login box. Parents who have more than one child in the district will have to create separate accounts for each child.

To access a district administrator’s SSO account, they must have the Student Access Report for Administrators role assigned. This role can be assigned by Rhonda Knabb at the Broward IT Help Desk. Then, they can login to their SSO account, click on the Dashboards & Reports heading, and select the Student Access Report. Then, select the desired school using the navigation menu to view the Student Access Report.


SSO Broward is a system designed to help students and educators manage their education online from home. Its “Clever” system powers a web portal that enables users to access multiple websites with a single username and password. The system also enables users to create badges that will allow them to access their account with greater ease.

Students can access class schedules and the academic calendar by logging into the SSO Broward Login Portal. They can also sign up for lunch plans and receive updates on school district programs. The portal also offers troubleshooting contact information. In addition to providing the information students need, the SSO Broward Login Portal can also help teachers manage student information.

Login process

The Broward SSO login process requires users to answer security questions and enter an alternate authentication method in order to confirm their identity. This process helps users confirm their identity and access the services they need. After answering the security questions, Broward users can log in to the launchpad and begin using the service.

Broward SSO provides users one-stop access to most of the websites and applications they need for school and personal use. This includes Office 365, Destiny, Atomic Learning, Britannica School, Tumblebooks, and more. It also allows users to reset their password from anywhere using the Broward SSO Launchpad.

The Broward Single Sign-On Launchpad offers instructions on how to enroll. Users will be required to provide their user name and password and answer security questions. Once they have answered these questions, Broward SSO will allow them to access their Railinc web software and customer data. This process can take a few minutes to complete.

Broward SSO login process has several advantages for school administrators. For one, it is easy to use. The portal is designed to help students and faculty access the applications they need for their studies. Broward SSO login process also allows administrators to manage accounts. One of its main features is that it allows users to access multiple applications through a single login. This makes it easy to manage multiple accounts and users. This helps reduce the risk of user errors.


With Broward SSO, students and teachers can login to numerous applications and websites with one account. This system can reduce the number of login credentials for students and teachers, while helping administrators manage user information and improve compliance. Moreover, Broward SSO helps students access classroom materials anywhere. The system can be accessed by any computer that has an Internet connection.

Those who are new to the education field can take advantage of the generous tuition reimbursement program offered by the School Board of Broward County. This program provides up to $750 for new teachers. However, to get this benefit, new teachers must apply for it in March. Benefits of Broward SSO are not available for part-time employees.

SSO Broward is a student management system that runs on a web portal powered by “Clever”. It is an easy-to-use application suite that allows students to manage their education from the comfort of home. It contains various applications that have different functions for different schools. Moreover, SSO Broward is a Single Sign-On solution that allows users to log in to multiple websites with one password.

The Office of School Performance and Accountability (OSPA) of Broward County is an organization devoted to improving the educational outcomes of its students. It works with schools to improve their performance and support diversity and social responsibility. The office also provides professional development opportunities to teachers and school administrators. These opportunities are essential to ensuring that students achieve academic success and live up to their full potential. The Broward school district is proud to be a proud member of this organization.

Getting started

To get started with Broward SSO, you will need to register for the system once. Once registered, you will have one-stop access to most student sites. This includes Destiny, Discovery Education, Atomic Learning, and Office 365. The process is simple and takes only a few minutes.

To get started, you will need to provide proof of your CDE orientation and Basic Skill Test scores. You can find the dates and times for specific schools. Once logged in, you can start using the system to log into Office 365 and other apps. The Broward SSO is available for students who attend Broward County Public Schools.

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