Can SEO Help Small Businesses Compete: 5 Things You Should Know


The digital had been envisaged to be a free, even, and level playing field that bridges the gaps between bigger and smaller businesses. At its core, nearly all digital marketing activities are supposed to be free! 

As someone who has been quoted unreal monthly retainers, you might be wondering how in the world is this true? The fact of the matter is that while strategies and processes do not require money, you need investments to- 

  • Pay the salaries of digital marketing employees
  • Take subscriptions of tools and software
  • Throw in paid advertising to the mix
  • Build online reputation and awareness

Small businesses need to understand that proper strategy, smart execution, and critical thinking can help them save on expensive costs and budgets. 

In this resource article, we are going to offer an easy explanation on how SEO works. Additionally, we will look at how SEO can help small businesses compete with their bigger counterparts. If you are someone that is looking to pursue SEO and digital marketing on a tight budget, this article can help you. 

List of 5 Important Things Small Businesses should know about competing with SEO

  1. Proper Strategy Delivers Real Results and is Affordable-

 Bigger businesses have unlimited budgets, resources, and professionals. However, such infinite investments mean that they skim on formulating and executing targeted SEO strategies. You do not need to do a lot when it comes to succeeding in SEO. Hard work and effort in creating content and building relationships with publishers and bloggers can help you lessen the costs. 

  1. Creating High-Quality Content requires time and effort on the part of a small business- 

Acing SEO is all about creating the best content that is available in your niche. With Google moving towards search intent, small business owners need to take an active and aggressive interest in content creation. This means optimizing everything from your website blogs to your guest posts. 1500+ content pieces that are original and informative will do the trick for you. 

  1. Hiring the right SEO Agency can help you improve your SEO results and performance- 

At the end of the day, it boils down to the kind of agency you are hiring. A good SEO agency is more like a partner that will be willing to collaborate with you to build your digital presence and performance. Make sure that you inform the agency about your exact expectations and ask them whether you will be able to achieve the same according to the SEO costs they want. 

  1. Local SEO optimization for Small Businesses can help drive footfalls and sales- 

One of the major ways small businesses can optimize their SEO efforts is through local SEO. Optimizing the small businesses’ presence on Google My Business and other listing sites can help in driving local footfalls and sales. Most small businesses have a physical presence in the form of dealerships. With ‘near me’ accounting for 46% of all searches, this is important. 

  1. Focus on keeping your website according to Google’s On-Page Guidelines- 

Bigger businesses are more likely to spend more on paid link building and content creation. However, they often miss out on On-Page aspects like site speed, URL structures, meta titles, and descriptions. Google is not particularly fond of heavy websites that have a higher loading speed. By keeping your small business website fast and light, you can fulfill the guidelines. 

Can SEO Level the Digital Marketing Performance Playing Field?

Big businesses have a problem in terms of selecting the perfect keywords that correspond to their search performance. In other words, their keyword research and focus become diluted as they have to appeal to a larger territory and target audience. 

In contrast, small businesses that are concerned about operating in a specific region need not worry about these aspects. They can very easily focus all their efforts and resources on targeting local and region-specific keywords and audiences. 

By focussing on location-specific searches, small businesses can generate clicks that demonstrate buying intent! This is what is required when it comes to building a sales funnel, generating revenues, and boosting profit margins. 

The Final Word

As someone that loves underdogs, you would be familiar with the age-old addendum, ‘might is not always right’! When it comes to SEO for small businesses, there are definitely some similarities we can draw. If you would like us to assist you in planning your SEO strategies, please reach out to us in the comments section. 

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