Can The Use Of Technology Hamper Your Sleep Quality?

A typical American spends over 10 hours per day using technology. That includes smartphones, computers, tablets, TV, and computers. However, sleep quality is affected through using technology, changing circadian rhythms and decreasing the duration of REM sleep, keeping the brain awake throughout the night, and interrupting sleep routines.

It’s become commonplace for people to be watching television in bed and then sleep using their mobile phones on their nightstand. However, this habit of sleeping with technology can negatively affect the quality and quantity of our sleep. Sleep loss has been increasing with smartphone usage in the United States. The experts suggest that we keep our phones out of our bedrooms and away from screens during the evening.

Blue Lights – Sleepless Nights

Recent research has revealed that using smartphones or other electronic devices before going to bed can immediately correlate with sleep deprivation. You might have heard this is due to the blue light produced by screens and you can end up with sleep apnea diagnosis.

Televisions, computers, tablets, screens, and smartphones emit blue short-wave light. In a way, they delay Melatonin’s release researchers believe that it disrupts the circadian rhythm that we set. This rhythm of our circadian cycle is vital since it regulates our biological sleep cycle. The hormone melatonin controls it.

The Use Of Electronics Decreases The REM Sleep

Another aspect of the human body in the influence of electronic devices is REM sleep. Utilizing the internet, participating with social media, or playing video games before bedtime can delay the start of REM and diminish the total number of REM in sleep cycles throughout the night. The long-term consequences are fatigue during the day, difficulty concentrating on a task, mood swings, and sleep lack.

The Gadgets Keeps The Brain Awake

Nowadays, many people use the time before bedtime to manage their emails, send messages to their friends, or catch up on the news they didn’t have time to read throughout the day. This might not be an unhealthy habit. But, the activities you do use electronic devices help keep your mind and body alert. The muscles throughout your body are tight, and these interactions are likely to cause stress. Even a small amount of stress triggers your brain to produce cortisol, making it more difficult to rest and fall asleep.

Your Sleep Pattern Is Affected By Smart Phones

It is important not to ignore the obvious danger of keeping phones close. They are a nuisance to sleeping patterns by popping notifications all night long. Text messages and emails, app notifications, and reminders that include sounds and lights could cause you to stay awake and keep you awake for a long time. Any disruption to your sleep cycles may cause negative side negative effects:

  •   It is difficult to remember things,
  •   Learning difficulties that are difficult to overcome.
  •   Attention span is less attentive during the day.
  •   A delayed reaction time,
  •   Irritability,
  •   The risk of developing depression is increased and other psychological problems.

The Effective Ways To Getting Proper Sleep At Night

It doesn’t require an expert to know the importance of sleep for the way we are feeling and performing. Make sure you’re giving your body and mind the most restful quality of sleep possible throughout the night. You can improve the quality of your sleep by following these suggestions.

Go Screen-Free for 30 to 60 Minutes

To prevent technology from affecting your ability to sleep, Make sure that the final 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime are completely free of screens. A book or an ink-reader that doesn’t release harmful blue light is an excellent way to spend your time before bed which can aid in falling asleep faster.

Make Your Bedroom a Sleep Sanctuary

The best sleep hygiene practices include having your bedroom set aside for sleep. Get rid of the TV and any other devices that you might have in the room. Also, take note of the size of your mattress while decorating your bedroom. 

Create a Designated Charging Station

Create a common space of the home reserved for charging phones and other electronic devices in the evening. This will ensure that they won’t disturb the sleep of your family. Setting your phones to sleep mode will also prevent alerts from disturbing your sleep even from the next room.

Set an Alarm Clock

It is recommended to use traditional alarm clocks instead of relying on your mobile phone’s alarm. Certain studies have revealed the risk of developing cancer due to the habit of placing cellphones on your nightstand or your pillow while you are sleeping. Modern alarm clocks that can gradually wake you up with gentle lighting or music are also readily available. They can ease the stress that many people feel about waking on time and can make the morning more enjoyable.

Go To The Sleep- Health Solutions

Speak to your doctor if you’re not getting enough sleep or suspect that you are suffering from the signs of a sleep disorder. A referral for sleep testing is the initial step in understanding the issue and finding a solution to get high-quality sleep. Sleep Health Solutions can help get you started on the path to better sleep. Get in touch with Sleep Health Solutions to schedule an appointment.

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Sleep-Health Solutions focuses on assessing the underlying causes of OSA and providing solutions for those who suffer from this condition. By assessing the underlying cause, Magellan Healthcare can provide the most appropriate treatment and prevent further damage to your health. A comprehensive approach to sleep medicine ensures a more restful night’s sleep. This solution is tailored to the unique needs of individual patients. The goal is to maximize the effectiveness of your therapy.



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