Can Your Health Policy Help with You Income Tax Deduction?

Everyone is taking the steps I the present time that matter to them. Of course, you can always come across things that help you lead a happy and more successful life. You can be confident that you have the right things in place for your health, wealth and prosperity. But do you ever think about any insurance plan like Mediclaim income tax deduction for yourself or your family members? Exploring new options for the betterment of your family and you can be a good practice. After all, in this cruel world, if you are not taking care of yourself and your family, nobody will.

Now, if you go for a health policy, it is not just helpful for your health but overall life. Other than guarding you against any sort of unexpected healthcare expenditure, a health insurance policy is capable of an efficient tax-saving instrument. Being a health insurance policyholder, you can easily avail adequate tax benefits under the realm of section 80D medical insurance of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961. For your information, it is all as per the conventional tax structure.

How does it work?

Many individuals are there who want to buy a proper health insurance plan for their family members and themselves. But they feel confused about how it also can work for income tax reduction. Well, the money you pay can be claimed as tax deduction of Mediclaim. It is under the Income Tax Act, assisting you get the health insurance tax benefits. Moreover, another good thing that you may not know is the money that you have paid towards the Health Insurance of your family, encompassing your spouse, kids and even parents is even eligible for tax exemption under the realm of section 80D of the Indian Income Tax Act.  Hence, it gets clear that if you purchase a good and reliable health insurance plan, is not just going to aid you diminish healthcare costs but even help lessen up your taxable income.  

What type of policy is helpful for tax deduction?

There are manifold options in the world of health insurance plans. When you explore, you would see you have different options as pr different expenditure capacity. However, it does not matter you pick an Individual Health Insurance or any type of Family Health Insurance, you can easily relish several tax benefits under your policy. The point is you need to be thoughtful about your income, the money you spend and what is the need of the specific policy. Once you invest in the right plan, you get the right saving for sure.

Hence, it gets clear that if you purchase a good and reliable health insurance plan, is not just going to aid you diminish healthcare costs but even help lessen up your taxable income and FATCA.  

Now, just imagine that you have recently bought a good and reliable health insurance plan. The plan does cover you and your beloved family. Now the thing is you can easily claim a deduction of Mediclaim equal to somewhat rupees twenty thousand every year for your premium instalments. The specific amount can be for yourself, your spouse, and even that of any sort of dependent children. Remember that if you are or your partner is above the age of sixty years (senior citizens), then the limit even stretches up to rupees fifty thousand. So, now, since you have an idea about how it may work for you, why not try it out?

Similarly, you know what, once you have a plan that helps you in income tax deduction too, you could experience some other perks too. for example, you can even claim a tax deduction on your yearly preventive healthcare check-ups too. The restriction is set up to rupees five thousand apart from the above-mentioned limit (tax deduction of Mediclaim for all your premium instalments).

Quick Eligibility Standards

You can make the most of the tax benefits under Section 80D for health insurance policy purchased:

  • Either for yourself or even your family members.
  • Children, your parents or partner/spouse 
  • Any other family member who maybe dependent on you.

So, the point is no matter you choose to purchase a health plan for yourself, your partner, your parents or your kids or your entire family as a whole; if you are picking the right policy, it may get you a great saving on your income tax. After all, at the end of the day it is all about how well you researched and what you end ended up choosing.

Remember, if you find yourself stuck at any point of your understanding of policies or plans, make sure that you discuss your ideas with the professionals. Let experts or professionals help you with your decision making. After all, any doubts may end up making you the wrong choice.


To sum up, check out a good policy like a Care Insurance and ensure that you have a good experience stored for your family. After all, the more you explore, the better you come up with. It is time that you think about the health care as well as tax saving at the same time.

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