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Ticker Finology is the largest financial education platform in India. It offers essential company documents, dynamic information based on industry and tuned ratios from industry experts. Its features include brand search, equity research, and IPO watch. The website is also easy to use and offers a variety of subscription packages to suit all needs.

Ticker is India’s biggest financial education

While financial education was once restricted to the financial shelf in a bookstore, the growth of the internet has led to a new generation of consumers. In the past two years, retail participation in the Indian stock market increased dramatically. According to the National Securities Depository and CDSL, over 28 million new accounts were opened. But despite this, the financial literacy gap among men and women remains high. The platform is looking to bridge this gap by making its courses more affordable.

While there are free and paid courses available, the free courses are ideal for students or those new to the stock market. The best part is, you will get a certificate at the end of each course. With its mission of becoming India’s largest financial education platform, FinGrad is trying to be everything to all investors in the country.

The platform provides free educational content across four learning modules – investing basics, fundamentals, advanced trading, and advanced investing strategies. The content is delivered via podcasts, videos, deep-dives, blog posts, and discussion sections. The content is visually presented using data visualization and animation. It has also been endorsed by the NSE CEO Vimaye and Prof Rishikesha T Krishnan.

The platform has helped many people improve their financial literacy and access to finance. It also helps people in rural areas develop. With more people financially-literate, they can utilize the resources available to them. In fact, nearly 42 percent of the population borrows from informal sources and pay higher interest rates than they would if they had financial literacy. This can help small traders make informed decisions and make the best use of the resources at their disposal.

It offers equity research

If you are looking for a career that requires you to analyze, write, and build financial models, an equity research career might be right for you. These analysts often work in a team and undergo similar training as trading and sales analysts. They are usually placed in teams of zero to three junior associates and are typically assigned a five to fifteen stock portfolio to analyze.

Career progression in equity research can take anywhere from two to four years. During this time, you can work as an associate, analyst, or Research Director. As you become more experienced, you can move up to the next level, such as Senior VP or MD. The pay scale is similar to that of investment banking, but the bonuses are much higher.

An equity research career can be a highly rewarding and lucrative one. It involves primary and secondary research methods to determine the value of companies. The end goal is to attract investors to invest in those companies. In addition to research, investment banking is another field of work that involves research. This field focuses on identifying trends and opportunities in companies and sectors, and then creating financial reports that help investors decide whether or not to invest.

The workload in equity research can be grueling, with associates spending about seventy-five percent of their time modeling companies. Junior team members often get stuck with a lot of grunt work, while senior team members spend more time talking to investors. Interns in equity research may be required to spend as many as twelve hours a day, with some days consisting of mid-quarter calls with management.

While the working environment in equity research may not be as interesting as those in investment banking, it can be a great stepping-stone into other industries. Besides offering a more interesting career path than investment banking, equity research is also a great place to network with buy-side and sell-side professionals.

It offers brand search

Branded search is a vital digital marketing tactic for a company that wants to attract prospects. It involves putting the company’s name or brand name into the search bar, then clicking through to the brand’s website, social profiles, or review sites. It may even include branded podcasts. The trick is to make the branding consistent across search results.

It offers IPO watch

Ticker Finology offers IPO watch, a service that helps you keep track of new and upcoming companies. The platform lets you compare up to three companies at a time. The site also offers detailed information and tuned ratios by industry experts. Using Ticker Finology can help you invest in companies you want to own.

As one of the biggest financial education platforms in India, Ticker Finology has the ability to help you track and analyze your portfolio with its IPO watch. It also allows you to follow the investing portfolios of big investors. You can also access articles and blogs that provide interesting information and help you make better decisions.

In addition to offering IPO watch, Ticker Finology also offers brand search, market tracking, and curated news. It also has a specialized screener that compares companies within the same industry and helps you decide which one is best for you. It is easy to use, with an intuitive user interface and customizable search options.

It offers company analysis

Ticker finology provides top-of-the-line research and company analysis. Its AI-driven tool performs preliminary checks, while the human team adds the finishing touch. The team at Ticker finology is dedicated to providing quality service with a positive culture and a commitment to providing honest and ethical advice.

Ticker offers company analysis and stock screener tools. The tool sorts data on companies by industry to help you make better investment decisions. With over 6000 listed companies in India, screeners help you narrow down the companies that are better for your portfolio. The screener is not a recommendation, but it helps you decide on a better investment.

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