The CEO Sky Phantom Secure | Jean-Francois Eap | Talks Privacy and Encryption

The CEO Sky Phantom, Jean-Francois Eap, is speaking out about the importance of encryption and privacy. He has pointed out how criminals have been able to delete evidence from their phones with the help of the remote wipe features offered by encrypted phone companies. This has led to the reluctance of Law enforcement to ask clients to do anything at all when it comes to retaining information.

CEO Vincent Ramos

Phantom Secure is a technology company that provides encrypted mobile devices to criminal organizations. The company was run by its CEO Vincent Ramos. It was accused of selling tech to drug cartels, gangs, and organized crime groups.

When Ramos was arrested on March 27, 2018, he was charged with running a company that provided technology to the criminal underworld. His co-conspirators remain fugitives internationally.

Sold Modified BlackBerry Handsets

The company sold modified BlackBerry handsets, which were advertised as being impervious to wiretapping. They were also designed to be remotely wiped, making them untraceable. Several law enforcement agencies targeted Phantom Secure.

The company used servers in Panama and Hong Kong to hide its true location. The company was also used to facilitate wholesale drug trafficking.

World’s Largest Encrypted Phone Service

CEO Sky Phantom Global was the world’s largest encrypted phone service provider. It provided customized devices to criminals. The company ran into trouble when the United States and European law enforcement authorities started investigating the company’s activities.

The company installed sophisticated encryption software in its handsets, allowing users to communicate through a network of servers in Canada and France. However, European law enforcement officials intercepted more than half a billion messages sent by Sky phones.

The company has since been seized and its website shut down. A spokesperson for the company declined to comment. But documents, including social media posts and classified ads, show that the company did its part to rid itself of criminals.

DJI Drones on Set of ‘Game of Thrones’

DJI is a drone company that manufactures camera gimbals, flight control systems and propulsion systems. Its products have been used in Hollywood films and TV shows, including Skyfall and House of Cards.

DJI has been accused by the Federal Government of spies. In 2017, the US Army banned the use of its drones. They are allegedly being used to spy for the Chinese government. The Department of Defense also published a list of five companies that are approved to supply drones to the government.

Last year, DJI also faced pressure from Congress. A broad ban was considered on buying drones from the company, but it was rejected.

Form of Wiretapped Servers

The good folks at boozed up neo geo hipsters at Europol have released their findings in the form of wiretapped servers containing the contents of the e-mails of a select group of savvy e-mailers. They have also unveiled their findings in the form of a nifty little book entitled “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: The Declassified History of The Dutch Government.” Several high level execs have been nabbed in the ensuing fallout, most notably former RCMP national intelligence director Cameron Ortis.

It’s a wonder if any of these gents lasted through the shuffle, judging by the numerous slaps received in the name of the sex.

Mobile Devices

While some people might think that encrypted phone companies are the only ones that can provide a ‘wipe’ function, in fact many other mobile devices can provide a similar service. In fact, some criminals have been using these features to wipe out evidence from their phones for years.

However, if you’re looking to investigate crimes that are happening in your community, you should be taking extra care when handling digital devices. Mobile devices are subject to damage from moisture, extreme temperatures, static electricity, and more.

One of the most effective ways to protect data is by removing the battery from your mobile device. You can even place your phone in an isolation chamber, which keeps your phone’s contents safe.

Jean-Francois Eap

Eap is the founder of CEO Sky Phantom Global, the company that manufactures encrypted phone devices. He has been accused of helping facilitate drug trafficking and money laundering through his encrypted devices. His indictment is the result of a series of raids carried out by European and U.S. law enforcement in 2018.

Last Thoughts:

According to the indictment, CEO Sky Phantom Global is involved in an international criminal enterprise. It is also suspected of hiding drug trafficking activity from law enforcement. The indictment states that the company installed sophisticated encryption software into cellphones, which helped conceal the activities of criminal organizations.

The indictment claims that Sky Global was responsible for facilitating the distribution of drugs in North America and Europe through its phones. It says the company used digital currencies and aliases, such as 888888, and helped to hide the proceeds from its services.

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