Choose Green or Minimalist Living?

Minimalism and green living were once considered new trends that are very popular with young people. The group of people who “catch the trend” quickly are also often overwhelmed by the new and the newer that follow. Minimalism and green living may have nothing to do with each other, but they can also be very close. When you minimize your needs, remove unimportant things, and think very carefully before bringing back more, you are also consuming less, creating less garbage – one of the stages of life’s journey. green. If you already live green, minimalism is a step closer to a sustainable green lifestyle.

What is a minimalist lifestyle?

Minimalism is a famous art movement of New York City in the early 60s of the twentieth century. As the name suggests, this is focused on streamlining design, decoration, and shaping. Although simple, the overall structure of the work must still be elegant, harmonious, balanced, and not arbitrary or sloppy. Besides its wide applications in film, architecture, graphics, photography, fashion, minimalism is quickly becoming a popular philosophy of life around the world.

Minimalism is a mindset that filters out the secondary and focuses on the things that matter. This philosophy provides a calmer, more open, and optimistic view of work and life, and helps us build a healthy lifestyle, find inner peace and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. free and happy life.

The benefits of a minimalist lifestyle


Most of us rely too much on personal items or modern electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, televisions. Owning many valuable possessions makes people prone to stress and anxiety for fear of forgetting or losing them.

The minimalist lifestyle allows us to simplify our lives and separate ourselves from the inherent attachment to unnecessary things. Obviously, the fewer material possessions you have, the more secure and comfortable you will feel. Therefore, minimalism is a very effective way to promote mental health.


Did you know that living space greatly affects our quality of life? Scientists have found that a neat, clean home can induce positive emotions, encourage alertness, and coherent thinking; and a chaotic place will evoke a lot of pessimistic and suppressed thoughts. When we get rid of unnecessary furniture, we feel the living space becomes bright and spacious. The mood will therefore also be lighter and freer.

In addition, instead of spending too much time shopping, you have more relaxing moments to develop yourself. Practicing a minimalist lifestyle, we can actively allocate a reasonable time to focus on personal hobbies and passions such as running, climbing, practicing yoga, reading books, etc. travel, draw, write…You can buy the books you like on e-commerce websites, there are many discount codes, coupons for books to use. There’s nothing better than saving some money while reading your favorite book. And in the end, you will be surprised to witness your positive change! Using eco friendly products will also help you to have a neat and clean home, Just visit Ecoy to know more  “


With the desire to have a prosperous life according to the standards of society, most of us have to work hard and stress every day, often embracing extra work, working overtime. At the same time, shopping and owning a lot of wealth while having limited ability to pay makes you easily break down and feel heavy. Furthermore, sometimes the fear of losing our belongings is the invisible bondage that suffocates us.

If you adopt a minimalist lifestyle, you will free yourself from overwork, material concerns, or even debt. At that time, you have much-needed silence for wisdom in thinking to focus on the core values ​​of your personal life, build a solid career, and enjoy fun, light holidays.


When the house becomes neater and more organized, we will have more living space. The ventilation and minimalism make it easy to move and breathe freely. In the middle of a fresh and airy room, we can sit quietly, close our eyes, breathe deeply to feel our worries calm down. You will realize how calm and relaxed your soul is.


If we own a large house with a lot of items, every day, we need to clean them carefully. This can be an “obsessive task” after you’ve spent 8 grueling hours at work. How to make sure your place is always clean and tidy?

With a minimalist lifestyle, you always keep the amount of furniture to a minimum. Therefore, house cleaning work will become much simpler and more flexible. Then, this problem will no longer cause you pressure and stress.


Besides practical spiritual benefits, a minimalist lifestyle encourages us to save more money. You save by using discount codes, coupons on purchases,… If you no longer wave your hand over your forehead every time you see something you like, you have learned to live frugally and spend smarter!


If you look closely, you will see that the essence of minimalism and green living is to make everything return to nature. Without too much furniture, we don’t need to be minimalist? Do not create garbage, do not have to worry about how to handle it. Any lifestyle is useful and interesting, so what could be better if you try to experience both of these lifestyles.

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