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Complete guide to buying pre-loved handbags

A handbag is a constant companion of a woman. Wherever you go, party, friends meet up, office, you like to carry your handbag. The design and size vary depending on the venue and requirement.  As it is your daily use thing, you want something with durable material and good quality.  Popular brands are designing handbags, especially for women.  Undoubtedly their quality and design are unbeatable. But the price is too high to afford. 

If having a branded handbag is your target but your wallet is not ready for it then we have a  solution for you!!

There are so many shops and online sellers where you can buy second-hand authentic designer  bags

We know you will be taking a look at them. But before you buy second-hand bags, know few things to choose an authentic one.  Scroll down below and reveal them.

 Find out genuine shop 

Brands like Chanel, Prada may have their stores in malls and supermarkets. But finding the second-hand piece is really a tricky task.  Peeping into online auction sites may not be a good  idea. Often they sell fake products or copied one as an original. 

Choose designer resale companies that offer preowned bags. All of them are not the same. do your part of research to identify the authentic ones. 

Talk about  authenticity guarantee 

Many resellers claim an authenticity guarantee for a certain period. It may be a  month or for the coming 6 months .  so if you realized your handbag is not genuine after that period, your money will be wasted.

 As a buyer, you should ask the reseller for a lifetime authenticity guarantee. Very few of them provide such a facility but it assures that you can return the product in the future if you find it fake. 

 Check the online reputation 

If you check Insta shop and online reseller you will find tons of vendors selling second-hand authentic genuine handbags.  Because of the competitive market, all are trying to serve their customer best.  As a buyer, you must check their genuineness and originality.

Check the rating and reviews in every possible area. Analyze them to find out what their previous customers are saying.  Social media presence also helps you to monitor the comments. Read them all and find out if the customers are praising their products or not.

Try to reach out to them through phone or email. See how fast they are responding.  Buy products from such resellers who give excellent customer service.

Choose design and durability 

Be clear about your purpose. Ask yourself why you are buying the handbag, is it for daily use? Or you’re looking for something that matches with party wear. Depending on your requirement choose the size and brand. Check out popular brand that comes within your budget.   Don’t compromise with the material and durability. lock system, zip should be in great condition. 

 Check the return option 

Ask the reseller to share their catalog. Tell them your requirement and choose the design according to it.  Ask about the return policy. often they accept the product within one month. but the product should be unused and with the price tag. 

Wrapping Up 

Buying a branded handbag can burn a hole in your pocket.  Choose resellers who offer preowned handbags.  they sell the original products at affordable prices.  Don’t be in hurry, rather take some time to judge the authenticity of the seller, check their online popularity. Be sure what kind of product you are looking for,  check the available brands, design, material, and quality. 

Before purchasing make sure they are giving a warranty and offer a hassle-free return policy. Remember you are paying for the product so be alert and stay away from fake ones.

We hope this blog has given you an idea about what are the factors you should check before buying a second-hand genuine handbag.

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