Convert To Pdf To Maximize The File Sharing And Viewing Experience

There was a time when PC made its debut for home users that the file-sharing was quite a hassled process for several reasons from limited hardware to limited storage and slow networking. All of these factors were the reason behind file-sharing had become a hard task. Ever since the PDF file format was introduced, the major problem of file sharing was eliminated quite a lot.  A number of files format is supported by the PDF so one can convert to Pdf the selected file and that fie will be easily shareable among a number of pc without any hassle. For several reasons, file conversion using the Pdf converter online can do a lot for the users. These pdf converters have made the file conversion to pdf much easier and convenient like never before.

How To Convert to PDF?

If you want to share a file either a Microsoft word file or an image file, the Pdf format support a wide range of file formats and there are platforms like FacePdf that has to offer a free suite of tools that isn’t limited only to pdf to word converter nut one can convert Jpg or Png to pdf as well. The process is way easier than ever. The FacePdf offers a simple interface where you just have to drag the file which you need to convert to Pdf. You can either use a built-in file browser or drag the file directly into the designated area. Once the file is selected, now you need to select the format you want to convert it to and then hot convert now. For existing Pdf files, you can browse and edit Pdf as well. Once it is done convert it again and the file will be ready to use. This is the most convenient way to convert files to Pdf anytime you need.

Why Convert To PDF?

PDF or portable document format is a universal file format that is acceptable by every operating system, there is not any hardware restriction, version difference and the benefits aren’t limited to this only, there is more to know such as:

·        Pdf Files Are Secure

Companies around the globe share hundreds or thousands of files daily within their offices with their clients and customers. This is their routine work and they know their duty very well. However, this has made it compulsory that the file should remain secure because you never know that when a co-worker will make changes in the file intentionally and this could lead to some serious trouble. However, if it was a doc file and you had converted the Doc to Pdf then the file will be impossible o edit directly which will make it safe to share all the time.

·        The Security Can Be Enhanced

Another reason for converting files into Pdf is that if you want to make sure that the file is secured by all mean possible then you can go a few steps further and the file will be secured by all mean possible. You can use pdf convert online to edit your selected pdf file or you can convert any files such jpg or png to Pdf and before converting them, you can put a password on the file. This will even make it impossible to view the file for anyone but those who have access to the password of the file.

·        Widely Acceptable Format

You can compress and share the file individually or with a group. This process is fine until you come to know that not everyone runs the same OS. the hardware isn’t compatible or it cannot be viewed without a standalone program. However, with the Pdf converter online from platforms like FacePdf, you will not have to worry about this. The Pdf file format is supported by every operating system, there aren’t any requirements for Pdf files so file-sharing is convenient.

·        No Damaged Format

Setting a format for Microsoft word files though not so complicated but it can be time-consuming. But the tough part is, if the file is sent directly then chances are the format will never be the same on someone else’s computer. However, if you just convert word to PDF then the set format will remain the same so there won’t be any confusion  for anyone who views the file.

·        Universal File Format

Though no one directly calls it the Pdf file format is considered to be the universal file format. It can be viewed on any platform from windows, Mac to Linux to mobile operating systems such as android and iOs. Almost every major browser is compatible with the Pdf file format and what is even more fascinating is the fact that the Pdf files support a wide range of file format from images to text files which means that one can convert to pdf a large number of file types without worrying about the receiver may not be able to see it.

Where to Find The Pdf Convert Tools?

There was a time when there were disks that comes with the individual Pdf converter programs that were mostly paid. Only originations were using it most of the time. However, these days, there are platforms like FacePdf that has to offer a full suite of online tools where you cannot only convert to Pdf the files but the applications like Pdf to word converter online availability will assure you that one can convert, edit and then convert to pdf simultaneously and conveniently. FacePdf also assures you that you don’t need to subscribe for basic use of such programs and no installation is required.

The procedure is simple and easy as well. If you are new and want to convert pdf to a word document then you will not have to do much effort. Just drag and drop the file, select the format, and hit convert now and you are done. Enjoy the limitless world of Pdf file format without any hassle.

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