Creative Family Vacations

The last thing you want to hear on a family vacation is “I’m bored!” coming from your kids. You can beat the boredom by coming up with some creative family vacation plans that the whole family, youngest to oldest, will enjoy. Read on for some possibilities.

A Cruise

Consider a cruise if your family is up for a creative adventure. There are many options here. You might explore the Caribbean for fun in the sun or set out on an Alaska cruise for incredible vistas. Cruise ships feature activities geared toward travelers of all ages. Your kids can find plenty to enjoy while you relax and pursue your interests. You can also gather as a family for meals, excursions, and family fun.

A Beach Getaway

Perhaps a cruise doesn’t fit the budget. Even so, you can still experience the sand and surf with a beach getaway. You might stay in a resort that offers games and group activities for the kids as well as amenities of all kinds. You can lounge by the pool, take boat trips or try surfing. Alternately, you could rent a beach house for greater privacy and flexibility. Nowadays, there are  numerous timeshare  properties available for vacation rental almost everywhere . If you no longer wish to keep your timeshare, you can  easily find a timeshare exit company to help you out in looking for the best way to sell timeshare. Don’t neglect to experience some of the local cultures either. Try the food. Listen to the music. Get to know the world of the beach.

An Art Hop

You might take your artistic family on an art hop for your next vacation. Visit a city that is famous for its art, and then immerse yourselves in it. Spend your days at art museums, learning about the works you view and the history of various artistic eras and techniques. Set up some art classes for your family, too. Some family members might want to try pottery or painting, while others delve into jewelry making or calligraphy. In any case, you’ll all go home with your own creations and a much deeper appreciation for the world of art.

A History Tour

To teach your kids that history is far from boring, consider making your vacation into a history tour. There are several possibilities here. You might choose a particular time period to study, the Civil War perhaps, or the colonial era. If you select the former, you could tour several battlefields and visit museums specializing in the war. Don’t just skim the surface, either. Purchase guide books, and pay attention to detail, learning about the battles, the people involved, and the war’s larger issues. If you choose the colonial era, you could visit places like Colonial Williamsburg for a living history experience. Alternately, you could focus on the history of your own home city by experiencing historic sites and touring museums.

A City Exploration

Maybe you and your family members love exploring new places. Then choose a new city for your next vacation, and explore it from top to bottom. Do your research ahead of time, and make a list of all the places and attractions you want to see. Be sure to include something for every member. Let the kids go to a baseball game, for instance, or spend an afternoon at a water park. But also take in cultural and historic sites, music venues, parks, and whatever else makes the city unique. Learn about its history, people, industry, and claims to fame. You’ll go home refreshed and enlightened.

A Wilderness Adventure

If your family is more interested in the outdoors than in city life, then a wilderness adventure might be just the ticket for a vacation. You might rent a cabin at a resort that would allow you the best of nature and the comforts of civilization. But you could also camp in tents for a few days and really “rough it” in the wilderness. Hiking, boating, swimming, and nature studies can fill your days along with simply relaxing in the great outdoors.

A Stay-at-Home Enjoyment

Your budget might be rather tight at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a family vacation of sorts right at home. In fact, it can be a lot of fun if you approach it with the right attitude. Schedule several days of family activities that you all enjoy. This might include everything from playing board games to watching movies to cooking special meals. Little outings around your town would also be fun. Just spend time together, and reconnect.

Family vacations don’t have to be boring. In fact, they can be creative, enjoyable and downright fun.


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