Critically Acclaimed TV Shows Of All Time: A Cinephile’s Take


Television shows have been the epitome of the entertainment industry!

Especially when they have shaped the entire on-demand content and coined the new term called binge-watching, essentially every television show has to be unputdownable, which you would want to binge.

Did you just finish watching a television series, and it has left you with that hollow feeling in your heart?

Yes, we are all familiar with that feeling!

Now, all you need is another mind-blowing television show which can take you out of one reality and put you into an entirely different one. 

Well, lucky for you!

Because today we are bringing you five new series which have been critically acclaimed. You will always find them in a cinephile’s list of favorites.


If you find it difficult to find them in the different streaming services, or you cannot pay for them because of the high price, don’t worry!

You will always have the pirate bay to thank you for it.

Over here, you will find all the newly released movies and television slows absolutely for FREE!

To give you a fair disclaimer, over here, we will only be mentioning television shows. Therefore, you will not find streaming originals here.

Five Best Television Shows Of All Time

Here are the five best television shows of all time, which you can start binging today.

1. Game Of Thrones

There isn’t much to say about this masterpiece!

Even if you have never watched this show, you must have heard about it more than enough. We are sure you already had some convincing, and if you still haven’t watched it.

You are missing out!

If you love periodical war dramas with twists and turns which will keep you hooked to the edge of your seat, Game Of Thrones is the one for you.

2. The Golden Girls

Who said your career in acting is over as a woman when you hit your 50s!

Say that to any Golden Girl fan, and they will come for you!

This show is a treat to your soul, and it stars four women beyond their ‘fine’ age [or so people would say] because they seem more than fine to us. The show follows the adventure and the comical relief that follows through their unique skills.

3. Rick & Morty

It is so much more than a cartoon!

You wouldn’t even see it coming when you will learn something moral in those streaks of laughter. Well, not in the most convenient way, though, but that just makes it more fun.

The story revolves around an alcoholic sociopath who lives with his daughter and son-in-law. But, the real start of the show is definitely the wild adventures he embarks upon with his grandson Morty.

4. Downton Abbey

At first, it might sound like your run-on-the-mill uptight British aristocracy drama.

But, it is so much more than that!

Yes, it has ‘blue blood’ elements in the British post-Edwardian era. But, it also heavily shows the side of service and the changing world past WW1, when the modern world was making its mark.

5. Friends

A list can never end without the mention of the best sitcom entertainment industry have ever gifted the world with!

You will see people talking about Friends even after twenty years of its streaming. So if you haven’t watched it yet, start right away!

This is a promise from a cinephile; you won’t be able to stop watching it. Plus, they are a great stress reliever, and the best part is you can watch them in repeat without even feeling remotely monotonous.

Happy Binging!

Now that you have the names of the most critically acclaimed masterpieces of all time, you can now plan your next binge session.

Fair warning!

When you start watching them, you won’t be able to stop, so it is better to take some time out and not during a busy schedule.

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