Demystifying DJI Care plans: Choosing the right coverage for your needs

DJI has taken the drone industry by the scruff of the neck, providing products for diverse applications such as:

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Agriculture
  • Surveying 
  • And Entertainment…

The DJI drones supersede themselves for their high quality and unique characteristics, such as:

  • Cameras
  • Sensors
  • Flight Controllers
  • And Software…

However, as much as we can embrace the tech aspect of what they have accomplished, let’s be honest with each other:  They’re not indestructible, and that’s why certain drones are for certain situations requiring certain coverage

So DJI came out with their now successful service plans. These cover a range of aspects such as repairs and replacements, whatever you need. 

This article will cover various plans that apply to the drones currently on the market. We look to give you some reference points and an understanding of what lies with what to decide and what ties in with your requirements and plans. 

DJI Care plans are what?

DJI Care plans are service plans that protect your DJI devices from damage or loss, providing a replacement or repair depending on what’s happened.

These plans cover more accidental damage, water damage, or flyaway incidents. They can be customised for various types of DJI products like camera drones, handheld devices or enterprise products. 

Some common features of DJI Care plans are: 

Service Period

Customers can select a one-year or two-year service plan depending on the product and of course, personal preferences.

Number of Replacements

The number of replacements you can request for your lost or damaged device is up to each policy, and each plan is different, so each case is taken on its own merit. 

Service Fee

When you make a replacement request, you’ll get one of these. Each plan differs due to things like product, outline, and the degree of damage or worst-case scenario – loss.

Flyaway Coverage

Flyaway covers a special feature in the loss of your device due to flyaway incidents wherein your device flies away and cannot be located or recovered. Flyaway coverage is limited to some plans and products with specific conditions and restrictions.


The renewal plan is exclusive to some plans and products with certain requirements and restrictions.

You’re welcome. Here is the second part of the article:I have taken only two apples because the rest are spoiled.

What are the Different DJI Care Plans?

DJI offers four types of service plans for DJI products and customers: DJI Care, DJI Care Refresh, DJI Care Enterprise and DJI Care Refresh+. Here is a brief overview of each plan and its features: He is said to be the master of this field.

DJI Care

DJI Care has been instigated due to the rapid market change that has occurred.  The plans ensure the owner will be reimbursed for damage to the specific device for things such as:

  • Accidents, like drops
  • Crashes 
  • And Water Damage…

The third of those points is RARE! 

Whether you have a:

  • DJI Osmo
  • Ronin 
  • Or Pocket handheld devices, you are in good shape. 

The service period of DJI Care is one year. It gives one substitution for your gadget and a service charge, which is different depending on the product. DJI Care does not cover the flyaway incidents and theft.

DJI Care Refresh

This protection plan covers damage or loss of your DJI device.

These can include such things as:

  • Accidental
  • Flyaway
  • Or Theft…

The Refresh program Also applies to all of the following:

  • Mavic
  • Phantom
  • Spark
  • And Inspire.

The service term of the Refresh package is one year. It gives you two replacements for your device, and the service fee varies depending on the severity of damage/loss. As we all know, everything needs to be assessed. You also enjoy free delivery and VIP telephone support on this package.

DJI Care Enterprise

DJI Care Enterprise is a warranty with accident coverage. This package is applicable to DJI enterprise products, including the Matrice, Agras, and Zenmuse.

The service period of DJI Care Enterprise varies from one to two years, depending on the product, and allows up to four replacements for your device if damaged or lost under a service fee that depends on the type of damage or loss and the product. In addition to this, DJI Care Enterprise delivers a VIP hotline and expedited repairs.

DJI Care Refresh+

DJI Care Refresh+ is a renewal plan that prolongs the service length of your current DJI Care Refresh plan by one year. DJI Care Refresh+ is offered for DJI camera drones such as Mavic, Phantom, Spark and Inspire.

You will get one more replacement for your product if you purchase DJI Care Refresh+; the fee depends on the product. DJI Care Refresh+ also provides free delivery and a VIP hotline.

Which DJI Care Plan is right for your requirements?

Choosing the right DJI Care to plan for your needs depends on various factors, such as:

What can you choose?: All the care plans are devised to be unique for both the hardware/software and the customer.

So let’s break down what’s available for whom…


  • You buy a  DJI Osmo – Option: DJI Care
  • You buy a DJI Mavic – Options: DJI Care Refresh or DJI Care Refresh+.

Coverage Levels: All plans have different coverage levels, so understanding the amount of protection that you want for your device is paramount.

For instance, if you want to cover flyaway occurrences or theft. In this scenario, you should opt for DJI Care Refresh or DJI Care Enterprise, whereas if you are interested only in covering accidental damage, then go for DJI Care.

The budget you have: There are several DJI Care plans, and their prices differ; hence, you should think about how much you can afford to invest in your device.

For instance, if you need to save money, you can opt for DJI Care, which has a lower initial cost.

On the other hand, if you need more replacements, DJI Care Refresh or DJI Care Enterprise are options for you as they have higher initial pay but lower service fees.

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DJI care plans play a vital role when you make your initial purchase.  You know as well as anybody the amount of consideration you give before you purchase a DJI product. DJI is fully aware of this and goes to great lengths to be sure their plans fully cover each individual for each possibility he may have while using the equipment within the confines of the law and the manufacturer’s instructions. If you are following those, everything should be rosy! 


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